Flower Dome: Where nature blooms in Singapore

Flower Dome Singapore Travel Guide

Boasting the record for being the world’s largest greenhouse, the Flower Dome towers over the Gardens by the Bay. At 1.2 hectares, it’s the perfect place to visit year-round. Regardless of the weather outside, you can explore comfortably as you walk amongst the vouchers. My friend had been in Singapore a few weeks before I flew-in, and he made me promise I would make it a priority. 

I don’t always use maps when exploring the city. I try to avoid it unless I’m completely lost or pushed for time. Besides I knew the general direction to go in. I’d just been to the top of the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark and could see the Flower Dome from above. It is a beautiful building in its own right, but the exterior pales in comparison to what lays inside.

I headed over and bought my ticket, but was going to use it later in the day. I just wanted to have my ticket reserved so I was guaranteed entry. But they have so many tickets available I needn’t have worried. It’s massive and there’s plenty of space  but having a ticket gave me peace of mind. I got my tickets for the Supertree Observatory and the OCBC Skyway at the same time, but hungry for lunch I planned to return later that evening. 

Orchid Extravaganza: Orchids of the East Tropics

Flower Dome Singapore Guide

The theme for my visit to the Flower Dome was Orchid Extravaganza: Orchids of the East Tropics. Which gave a beautiful burst of colour as we explored. When you enter the Flower Dome you come in on the first floor and step out onto a balcony letting you look over the floral displays. It’s a shock to the senses, with the bright colours, heat of the greenhouse and smell of the flowers. It would be overwhelming if it wasn’t so good. 

I think my favourite part of any botanical garden is the initial entrance. But the Flower Dome continued to spread joy as I walked around. I loved exploring the different countries orchids displayed and seeing what can grow there. In some of the displays there was information about the culture and traditional clothing. 

Flower Dome Singapore Guide

Unfortunately for me I couldn’t access the whole park. There was one section that was closed off in preparation for a wedding that would be taking place later in the evening. We could still see into it; we just weren’t allowed to walk in and explore. But that was fine with me, realistically it was a small part of the Flower Dome and it had so much more to offer. 

Although you can walk around in any order you wish, it does have a set path you naturally kind of follow, although there are a few tangents that are worth exploring. There’s no rush here, no time limits to follow. So take your time and explore every pathway. Make sure you stop and smell the roses (or orchids). 

Flower Dome FAQ’s

How much are tickets to the Flower Dome?

You can check the below booking tool supplied by Get Your Guide for the latest prices for Flower Dome Tickets. By using the widget I may receive a commission which helps to support me creating more travel guides. 

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Is the Flower Dome air-conditioned?

The Flower Dome’s temperature is regulated year-round. So you can always expect it to be between a comfortable 23°C – 25°C.

Is the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest the same?

No, they are two seperate attractions next to one another and require different tickets. I didn’t go to the Cloud Forest, and I regret skipping out. Some of the photos taken there look stunning. If you want to book the below tool includes tickets to the Cloud Forest as well as the Flower Dome.

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What time does the Flower Dome open?

The Flower Dome opens at 9am each day.

What time does the Flower Dome close?

The Flower Dome closes at 9am each day.

Where should I go next in Singapore?

If you haven’t been already, then explore the rest of the Gardens by the Bay. I really enjoyed the OCBC Skyway, or if it’s the evening the Garden Rhapsody. If you are ready to leave the gardens though then the Marina Bay Sands Skypark is a short walk away.

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