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Welcome to Romania! A captivating gem in Eastern Europe that seamlessly blends landscapes, rich history and modern indulgences. Join me on my adventures throughout this land as we explore Romania together. 

Romania’s past to modern times

Romania’s history weaves a fascinating narrative from ancient civilizations to modern times. Originally inhabited by the Dacians, the region saw Roman conquest in 106 AD. The medieval era gave rise to distinct principalities—Transylvania, Wallachia, and Moldavia. In 1859, these united to form modern Romania. Despite challenges from empires and communist rule, Romania transitioned to democracy in 1989. Today, its rich heritage is evident in castles, painted monasteries, and vibrant traditions, inviting visitors to explore a nation where history echoes at every corner.

Outside the city walls

Romania is home to Transylvania and its forest, deep within which lies Bran Castle. The very same castle that lay inspiration for Van Stoker’s Dracula. You can immerse yourself in the mythology surrounding the region and stories as you go on a guided tour, and see if you are as inspired yourself to write a story. 


I came to Romania to visit its capital city, Bucharest. I wanted a relaxing city break and a spa weekend. Instead of the more hectic trips I had experienced with Bali and Singapore, I wanted to take things slow. Enjoy some great food, some culture and just let my batteries recharge. With Bucharest being home to the largest spa in Europe, Therme Spa, what better place was there for me to go?

I managed to grab a cheap flight with Ryanair (I did my best but sometimes it’s unavoidable) and chose the Leonardo Hotel for my stay and prepared for my flight. I would be away for two nights, so I’d be packing light with carry-on only. But I had a fantastic time in Romania, my only regret was there are a few activities that required full day trips so I had to miss out on those. When I inevitably return for another spa weekend I am going to book a few extra days so I can explore beyond the city walls.

A Spa Weekend

I was able to indulge in the ultimate relaxation at Therme Bucharest, taking advantage of every treatment, experience and culinary delight it had to offer. Unwind in thermal pools, rejuvenate in saunas, and pamper yourself with a wide range of spa treatments. Therme spa is nestled in a lush, green oasis, offering a serene escape from the bustling city. It has everything on offer for the weary traveller, or even those who just want the finer things in life. From food from all around the world just a push of a button away, cocktails and frappes in one of many swim up bars, and of course the treatments. 

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