MS05 Tripod Review

KF Concept MS05 Metal Travel Tripod Review

KF Concept MS05 Tripod: Our Verdict

MS05 Tripod Star Rating


  • Small
  • Strong


  • Only two options for adjusting
  • Lack of height

Technical Details




Main Materials

Aluminium Alloy

Max Height


Max Weight


Where to buy

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MS05: The Review

KF Concept MS05 Metal Travel Tripod Review

I love a tripod, they are such a versatile accessory, they are an essential to every photographer. I always try to take with me on every photoshoot I can, and I never leave on a trip without one in some form. Although I have a big main tripod, this isnt always appropriate to bring. So mini-travel tripods have become my go to. Their lack of height can be overcome if you decide to get creative. Finding props to raise them up or even use the closeness to the ground to make a subject seem taller.

First Impressions

Taking it out of the packaging it looks like a great little tripod. It’s small and robust, and I’d be confident it can support its 20kg weight claim.


KF Concept MS05 Metal Travel Tripod Review

The model I am testing is the largest, with a maximum height of 15.6cm. There is a slightly smaller version which has a maximum height of 10.5. That’s a pretty tiny height but these are designed for tabletops. If you take into account the height of the camera when propping it on some rocks or on a tabletop then it’s a lot more usable, of course this is reliant on there being a flat surface nearby.


Setting up is really easy, and requires no adjusting at all. Just pull the legs apart and push back together. If you want to get the camera even lower there are small clips you just push up and it allows you to get as low as 5.6cm from the ground, letting you get a low shot with a bit of protection.

Max Load

Because of its metal construction, this mini-tripod can easily support up to 20kg. Perfect if you are using a a big heavy lens for wildlife photography. This maximum weight the tripods can support is the same regardless of which version you buy, the 20cm or the 13cm. I think that’s pretty impressive given the size and how quickly camera body weight and the lenses can stack up, especially when shooting subjects from further away.

Included accessories

I didn’t realise this when I purchased the MS05 tripod but it does come packed with a few additional accessories. Included in the box is a phone mount and a Bluetooth remote shutter. The shutter paired really quickly and easily but my camera, the Sony A6000, is too old to support a Bluetooth remote. 

MS05: Final Thoughts

As a table-top tripod the MS05 is great, but for a a little bit more bulk and the same amount of money I think you can get something a lot more practical. They may not be metal, but you can get a tripod that extends. Which would be more suitable if you use your phone to shoot. Of course there are compromises and trade-offs with every tripod and no “perfect” one. But for my purposes this tripod is only really useful if you are shooting close to the ground or actually using it on a table-top. 

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