Gardens by the Bay: A Must-Visit in Singapore

The Gardens by the bay supertrees in Singapore

Whilst planning for my trip to Singapore, there were two spots I knew I had to visit. The Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Observation Deck, and Gardens by the Bay. Handily for me, both of these are within walking distance of one another, and even better just around the corner to my hotel. I had still opted for a taxi from the hotel to Marina Bay though as there were a lot of barriers up in preparation for the Singapore races. Standing from the SkyPark Observation Deck I was overlooking the twisted metal trees of Gardens just below me. 

With my direction sorted, once leaving I took a walk along the river to the Gardens. I had been up until 2am the night before trying to book my tickets for the gardens and wasn’t able to get in at all. Luckily I had spoken to my hotel’s concierge who had rang the Gardens on my behalf and assured me they would hold a space. But I still wanted a physical ticket for reassurance. We wanted tickets for the night show and I was worried if I turned up too late I would be denied. And since this was my only chance I figured I would rather see the Gardens by the Bay in the daytime than to try for the lightshow and risk not being able to get tickets at all.

The Gardens themselves have seen a nature book over the last few years. Just going to show that the gardens are popular with wildlife as much as humans. In fact the otter population has benefitted massively over the past few years, prompting the Singapore go government to start relocation efforts to keep numbers down. Still for the time being you can still see Otter families hunt for fish or play in the waterways. And that’ll continue in the future as they aim to reduce, not remove entirely.

Gardens by the Bay ticket options

Luckily when I bought my tickets at the counter they explained that the light show is free and a non-ticketed event. If I wanted to do the other activities, including the Flower Garden, SkyWalk and Lights by the Bay. Those are ticketed activities which you have to pay for. The rest of the botanical gardens are free to walk around and roam and the lightshow takes part in one of these areas. You just have to arrive early enough to find a place to sit and enjoy the view.

I will be creating seperate posts for each of the activities so you can read about them more in-depth. But have included summaries here too. I’ve actually listed them in the order that I did them. There is a fifth activity the Cloud Forest, which is a temporary installation to help promote the latest Avatar movie. However I did not take visit this part.

Flower Dome

SIngapore Flower Dome Exhibition

Composed of collections from around the world. This beautiful glass building is the world’s largest greenhouse. Here you can find flowers from across the world, from Australia, South Africa, California and the Mediterranean. It’s a beautiful walk and the smell of the flowers is incredible.

OCBC Skyway

Gardens by the Bay SkyWalk in Singapore for travel blog Brads Backpack

This treetop walkway takes you up and around the artificial trees giving beautiful views of Gardens by the Bay from above. You walk in line with the Marina Bay Sands which you can see towering above the treetops. It does get very busy on the platform so you have to be constantly moving. But it’s another fantastic view.

Lights by the Bay: Garden Rhapsody

The Lights by the Bay is a lightshow that’s completely free to attend. Unlike the Flower Garden and Skywalk, these areas of the Gardens can be walked into without a ticket and enjoyed by anyone for free. They hold two shows a night, one at 7pm and the other at 8pm. When I visited the theme was Rhapsody (not Bohemian Rhapsody sadly) but it was a fantastic show. Laying on the path and looking up at the trees as the lights blinked in rhythm to the music. 

Supertree Observatory

Supertree Observatory at night in Singapore

Taking you higher than the SkyWalk, the observatory gives you a complete 360 of the botanical gardens. Allowing you to look down from above or see sweeping views across the city. There is also a small bar here for drinks and the lift up is an experience in itself. 

The Gardens by the Bay is a must visit for any trip to Singapore. And with its variety of options it’s suitable for any budget. Keep things cheap and just sit and enjoy the lightshow, or take advantage of the multiple booking discounts and explore a few or even all of the activities. 

Gardens by the Bay FAQ’s

How much does it cost to visit the Gardens by the Bay?

Price varies depending on the activities you choose to take part in. But if you’re content to walk around the grounds and enjoy the lightshow then it can be free. Latest prices are displayed below using the Get Your Guide link.

Are the activity wheelchair accessible?

Yes they are, with all activities including ramps or lifts to ensure anyone can access and enjoy them.

What days are the Gardens by the Bay open?

They are open 7 days a week but do occasionally close for maintenance. These are announced in advance and can be found on their official website here. Each activity has its own opening and closing times.

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