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England is my home, and rather ashamedly I haven’t explored anywhere near as much of it as I would have liked. It’s so much easier to see the allure of other countries. I turn a blind eye to the beauty I have at home. But that’s about the change. Adventure starts at home and it’s time for me to explore my own land and all it has to offer. 


As someone who spent many years on an office job in London, it’s become a city I’m passionate about. However that has meant many years of dipping in and out of bars and restaurants, when there’s so much more to see. With icons such as Buckingham Palace or the London Eye, to smaller more accessible ones such as red phone boxes or the iconic black cabs. And there’s so many ways to get around, of course you have big red buses and the black taxi cabs, but then you also have the tube and in Greenwich a cable car taking you over the River Thames. 

City breaks in England

But London’s just one of many, in fact there are currently 55 cities in the entirety of England. Each one with their own charm, and often their own accent too. From brummy to scouse, nearly every part of England pronounces our language differently. It’s amazing how diverse our language can be on such a small Island.

Further up north you have Liverpool, Birthplace of the Beatles, and fittingly England’s only UNESCO City of Music. Many head down to the Cavern Club on Matthew Street, where the Beatles racked up an incredible 292 performances. It’s not the original building, as that was closed in the 1970’s to make way for an underground railway. But the newer building has stuck to its roots, and is filled with Beatles memorabilia. 

Escape to the country

But England has so much more than city breaks, with rolling hills and beautiful country escapes too. The Lake District and National Parks are areas of outstanding natural beauty. I spent a summer attempting to hike across England along a path known as the Wainwright’s Coast to Coast (I didn’t make it but I tried at least). But it did mean I got to explore Robin Hoods Bay, the end of the hike for many which fittingly ends at a pub.  

Down south you have Rye, a small seaside town filled with picturesque streets that will keep any photographer snap happy. I spent a weekend here renting a small cottage, and it was fantastic relaxing, popping into small shops and enjoying Knoops hot chocolate. And it’s all accessible from London in just over an hour by train.

So join me in England, be that by plane, train or automobile. Explore England and most importantly enjoy your time here. There is so much to see beyond London, so come for longer than a city break and really get out there.

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