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I’ve always loved Italian culture, its style, its relaxed approach to life, and especially its food. They are the creators of pizza (something I’m particularly grateful for), masters of gelato, and champions of architecture. So much has come from Italy, and they are a country known to be at the forefront of industries such as fashion, food, and art.

My first stop in Italy was Rome, a beautiful city full of history and architecture. Rome is perfect for solo travellers or couples seeking a romantic getaway. I visited the Colosseum to learn about Roman Gladiators, and the Fontana Di Trevi to admire their sculptures. Italy has a reputation for incredible food, and that’s a standard they live up to. With some of the best pizza and gelato, I have ever been lucky enough to enjoy. You have to be careful though like any city Rome is filled with tourist traps. For every authentic Italian restaurant, there’s another that aims to rip off tourists. Providing low-quality food at expensive prices. Often you can find these restaurants closest to tourist attractions, heading down even just one more street can have infinitely better results.

There’s hardly a bad time to visit Italy, with Spring, Summer and Autumn all having great weather. The problem with visiting in late summer is that it’s when everyone wants to go. Driving up the prices of flights and sunbeds. I first travelled to Rome in September, flight prices were drastically lower as it was nearing the end of the season, helped by the kids returning to school. Despite a small flood on my arrival, I had 4 days of glorious sun to soak up with authentic Italian wine.

If you intend to visit Italy on a budget, then you want to avoid May to September. I managed to grab a bargain which is why I went nearer the end of the season. However, if I had waited a month more I probably could have saved even more. I did visit Rome though, which along with Florence is usually busy year-round. Sometimes grabbing a deal simply relies on luck and timing. I like to use websites like Travel Zoo or Google Flights to bag a bargain.

Think about the time you fly, for me, it worked out cheaper to fly on a Thursday morning as it did on a Friday. Now it did mean I had to pay for an extra night in a hotel, but thats still cheaper than the flight difference. Like any trip, set yourself a budget and prioritise what’s important to you so you don’t miss out. If you know something is going to be expensive but you have to visit it then keep enough funds aside. There is so much you can do whilst spending very little. You can walk around the town admiring the beautiful buildings, see the Fontana Di Trevi and make a wish, or enjoy some of the best gelatos in the sun.

I will continue to update this page as I travel to more destinations across Italy. I hope to reach Venice, Pisa, and Cinque Terre. One day even driving up the Amalfi coast.

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