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My arrival to Singapore

A bustling city full of incredible architecture, Singapore was my first step into Asia. Sadly, the visit would be short, but I was determined to pack it full of activities. I would have less than 48 hours to explore before I would have to return to the airport and fly onwards to Ubud in Bali.

Airports can be exciting places, 50% of the time it’s because you’re flying away to somewhere exciting. I was excited for Singapore’s airport for different reasons though. Singapore airport consistently receives votes as the most beautiful airport in the world, and it’s no surprise why. It’s one of the few cities I know of where the airport is a tourist attraction in itself. Connected to Terminal 1, you can find an area known as the “Jewel”. Here you can find an awe-inspiring rain vortex surrounded by greenery. This indoor waterfall is the world’s largest at a staggering 40m. Surrounded by activities from mazes to viewing platforms for you to pass the time with whilst waiting for your gate announcement. Sadly I wouldn’t be able to visit here, with my flights taking the airport either too early or too late to visit. Still it’s a big incentive for me to return again to Singapore.

Photo of Singapore Architechture linking to a post of Know before you go Singapore edition providing travel tips and advice for Singapore City

The many names of Singapore

Another name that Singapore is also known as is the “Lion City”. The legend goes that Sang Nila-Utama, a Srivijayan Prince of Palambang, landed on the shores of the Singapore River. There he spotted a strange creature he identified as a lion. Taking this as a sign he named the island “SingaPura” literally translating to “Lion City” in Sanskrit. Today this legend is commemorated by a statue in Merlion Park. A beautiful park whose main centrepiece is the Merlion Statue. A creature that’s fish-like body represents the fishing past of the islands, and the head of a look to represent the legend on SingaPura.

Evening exploration

A moment I was particularly excited for was the view from the Marina Bay Sands hotel. This spectacular example of Singapore’s architecture is the crown jewel of the city. It’s boat-like shape hovering in the Singaporean skyline, and like any good boat you can admire the view from its deck. Called the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, I had originally planned to visit in the evening so that I could hopefully see the sun setting and enjoy the night lights show.

Food markets get me excited wherever I visit. That goes especially if there are a lot of sweet treats for me to try. My sweet tooth will want it all and I am all too keen to indulge it. I visited Lau Pa Sat, a food market housed in a beautiful building just a short walk away from the Merlion statue. It has everything from authentic Singapore dishes to your well-loved favourites from home.

Singapore Travel Guides

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Arranging your trip

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