Garden Rhapsody: A Symphony of Lights

Gardens by the Bay Light Show in Singapore

The Garden Rhapsody was something I was really excited for during my time in Singapore. Although to be fair there isn’t a lot I wasn’t excited to explore. Initially I didn’t think I would make the show. I had been up til 2am the night before trying to book tickets, and couldn’t see any that included the light show. I spoke to the concierge in the morning and he gave them a call.  They told him I was welcome to turn up without a booking and buy tickets at the counter. Worried I might still miss the opportunity, after the Marina Bay Sands I went straight there to reserve my spot. 

Turns out I needn’t have worried. The Garden Rhapsody is not a ticketed event. With the show being completely free to attend, you just have to turn up and find a place to sit. I still bought my tickets to the other attractions and planned to return that evening. 

I started with the Flower Dome and the SkyWalk. The queue for the SkyWalk can be rather long, with the sun beginning to set over Singapore as I walked across it. By the time I exited the lift it was 6:45 and the show would be starting imminently. I still have my ticket for the Supertree Observatory remaining, but they are open for a few more hours so I decided to enjoy a show. It had been a hot and sweaty day, and I could do with a drink. 

The Garden Rhapsody shows are twice each night, 7pm and 8pm and are spectacular. And the lights look incredible, dancing along to the rhythm. It’s quite a length show, around 15 minutes which is longer than I expected considering it was free. But the sheer size of the crowds it draws in. I luckily found a patch with a great view just below the SuperTree Observatory I would be visiting after. But if you have the time I would recommend turning up early and securing yourself a prime location. I was visiting on a Sunday so it was a bit quieter but still very busy. The food court I bought my drink from had some great food options. You can also find some fast food staples as well as snacky bits to have a makeshift picnic. 

They shut down all the lights so you’re just illuminated by the trees. Which helps to make it a really immersive experience. A lot of people (including myself) laid down on the path so they could look up in the night sky to see it. Once Garden Rhapsody was finished though there was the inevitable mass crowd heading towards the exit. Many people either come especially for this or save it for their last experience. So they all exit together creating blockages. I still had my ticket the SuperTree Observatory remaining. So I didn’t have to jump straight into the rush and could take my time. Where we sat was just opposite the entrance, but even then the queue it had grown by the time I reached it. Still despite yet another queue the Light Show was certainly memorable. When I return to Singapore something I will definitely be repeating.

Garden Rhapsody FAQ’s

Is Garden Rhapsody free?

Yes, the show is free to attend for anyone.

Do I need a ticket or book in advance?

Nope its first come first serve. You just need to find a place in the Gardens by the Bay to get a good view. These are first come first serve. Some parts of the Garden are ticketed though, you can buy them in advance with Get Your Guide using the link below. By booking through Get Your Guide you won’t pay any extra, but I may receive a small commission which helps support the blog.

What time are the shows?

There are two shows each night. One at 7pm with a second at 8pm.

Is the Garden Rhapsody Wheelchair accessible?

Yes as the show can be viewed from anywhere they are accessible by anyone. There are ramps and lifts around the gardens to help with access.

Where is Garden Rhapsody?

You can enjoy the Garden Rhapsody from the base of the Supertree’s in the Gardens by the Bay.

Is there food or drink nearby?

There are a few restaurants on the grounds of the gardens. With a food court within view of the main light show area. 

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