OCBC Skyway: Elevated Adventure and Panoramic Views

Singapore OCBC Skyway in the Gardens by the Bay Botanical Gardens

The sun was starting to set when I arrived at the queue for the Skywalk. After the heat of the day it was a relief. It had been a humid day, so I had sweated through my second t-shirt of the day, having only changed an hour before after a can exploded all over me. The OCBC Skyway was my second activity at Gardens by the Bay, with the first being the Flower Dome. I had been waiting months to visit here. My visit to Singapore was incredibly tight, with only two nights in this city before I flew on to explore Bali

It felt like the queue stretched on for ages, luckily there was a small wall I could lean against and rest, knackered from standing all day. Eventually though I made it to the front and it was my turn to go up the lift. 

Strolling along the Skyway

The OCBC Skyway is a 128 metre aerial walkway, 22 metres above the ground. It gives you fantastic views of the botanical gardens from above. As well as shots of the supertrees and Marina Bay Sands hotel. One of my favourite shots of the iconic hotel and its observation deck was taken from here, framed by the metal trees. 

View of the Marina Bay Sands hotel from the OCBC Skyway in Singapore

The Skyway is a bridge, so everyone was heading the same direction. A few people didn’t have a head for heights so it wasn’t the most comfortable experience for them. In fact they caused a few blockages as no one could get past. I imagine the view is fantastic regardless of the time of day that you arrive. But being in the last remnants of daylight was particularly special. The lights on the trees were starting to switch on, with the purple heart within the branches giving off a calming light. 

The OCBC Skyway takes you around the Supertree Observatory, the largest tree in the gardens and the only one you can go up. Giving you complete 360 views from an even higher viewpoint. I’d recommend doing them both, but personally I preferred the Skyway. I think the bridge’s panoramic views offered more than the Supertree. Of course you can see more when you’re higher up. But being nestled amongst the tree’s and having their artificial branches frame your shot gave me some of my favourite shots.

View of the Supertree Observatory from the OCBC Skyway

All good things must come to an end, and I was soon reaching the lift to take me back down. We had timed it perfectly though, right next to the lift is a perfect area for watching the Garden Rhapsody, which was due to start in the next few minutes. So I ran to grab a few drinks whilst my family found a free space to lie down, and we waited to enjoy the show. 

Regardless of your time in Singapore, I would highly recommend a visit to the Gardens by the Bay. I really enjoyed the Skyway and would encourage everyone to explore it. The Gardens have so many activities so close together, it’s a fun way to maximise your Singapore experience without too much planning. 

OCBC Skyway FAQ’s

What is the OCBC Skyway?

The OCBC Skyway is a raised pathway that gives you stunning views of the Gardens by the Bay from above.

Is the OCBC Skyway free?

No, you have to pay for the experience. Tickets can be bought with cash at the entrance.

How do I book the OCBC Skyway?

You can book tickets for the Gardens by the Bay below using my link with Get Your Guide. By booking through this Link you won’t be charged any extra, but I may receive a small commission which helps support the blog. These tickets are for the Gardens themselves, for OCBC Tickets they can be purchased with cash at the entrance.

How much does it cost for the OCBC Skyway?

Tickets are $14 for adults and $7 for children. This is in Singapore dollars (SGD).

How high is the OCBC Skyway?

The Skyway is 128m above ground.

When is the best time to go?

I’d recommend either in the morning or evening when it’s quieter. I really enjoyed going as the sun was setting before the Garden Rhapsody Light Show.

What should I do next?

If you haven’t already done so, then explore the rest of the Botanical Gardens. They are free to walk around, but for the best displays like the Flower Dome you have to pay a small entrance fee. The Supertree Observatory that the Skyway winds around is just a short walk away from the Skyway exit, So be sure to check that out! 

What restaraunts are nearby?

There is a food court straight ahead when you exit the Skyway. It has a selection of different cuisines to try so even fussy eaters will be happy.

What are the opening and closing times for the OCBC Skyway?

The Skyway is open 9am to 9pm everyday.

How long do you spend on the Skyway?

The average duration of a walk along is about 15 minutes. I spent longer in the queue but I believe it was worth it.  

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