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Rolling Square inCharge X

inCharge X: Our Verdict

inCharge X Star Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Works with any device

Fits on a keyring

Adaptors are removable

Ultra-fast charge speeds


High price

The short length means devices can hang from sockets

Adaptors sometimes can get knocked off

Technical Details


7.2 cm x 1.5 cm x 0.64 cm



Max Charging Speeds

100w or Apple 18w

Data Transfer Speeds

480 Mbps / 60 MBps

Where to buy

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inCharge X: First Impressions

Rolling Square inCharge

So for full disclosure after reading my review of the inCharge 6, Rolling Square sent me the latest version of their cables, the X and XL so that I could see what improvements have been made. Everything in this review is my independant view and is my own opinion. 

I love the box and packaging the inCharge X arrives in, it’s completely made of cardboard with no unnecessary plastic so it’s much better for the environment. It definitely feels well made, the cable itself is reinforced by Nylon fibre so it won’t get easily damaged by your keys or in your bag, although the polished metal finish looks like it could be scratched easily. It’s easy and simplistic to use, almost identical to the inCharge 6 I reviewed recently but with some improvements. 

However this time the addition of a cover for the connectors has been included. It’s a simple change and one I would not have thought of but really appreciated as it stops lint or dust getting inside the connectors. They have also made the adapters removeable, meaning when you’re charging using USB-C they don’t get in the way and make it more practical to use.  

Design & Aesthetics

I love the looks of the inCharge X cable, they look rugged but have nice colour designs as well. This generation comes in three colours, Lava Black, Sapphire Blue and Marble Beige. I will admit I prefer the colour of the older generation but these still do look great. This new generation has kept a lot of the design elements I loved, the adapter ends are still well-polished and do look prone to scratching. But again looks to be purely aesthetic and shouldnt affect performance.  The addition of a cap at the ends adds to a sleeker look whilst adding some much appreciated protection.


Rolling Square inCharge X

Naturally the smaller the cable the more packable it is. The inCharge X is the smallest of the cables, fitting perfectly on a keychain or in your pocket. The cable and ends are a little bulky so you will need a larger ring to hang it on. But it’s so small if you decided to put it in your pocket instead it wouldn’t even show in the lining of your jeans. Its small size makes it perfect for those emergencies where you just need a quick charge. It doesn’t have enough cable length to get tangled and the magnets keep it together neat and tidy. 


So I’ve been testing these Rolling Square inCharge X out for the last few weeks alongside the XL range. The X is great to have around but I did find myself reaching for the 30cm version of the XL far more. The smaller length of the X does make it more packable, but the 30cm was the perfect balance in packability and usability for me. 

One point of frustration I have found with the X is that now the adapters are removable, I often find if I don’t remove them myself they do get knocked off. Because of its smaller size I was reminded to remove them more often though as otherwise they get in the way, especially when I was walking around with my phone and battery pack together. 

Charging Speeds

This time with the inCharge X charge speeds have really ramped up. It allows Ultra-Fast Charging up to 100W and Apple’s Fast Charging up to 18w. For Apple users this is slower than the XL which can do up to 27W. With the capability of 100w charging that means you can use it on devices that require higher levels of power such as laptops but realistically that isn’t practical with the cable length. It’s worth mentioning that there are a few other factors that can affect charge speeds. You must have a device that’s capable of ultra-fast charge speeds, and your charger must be too. When I was first testing the inCharge XL it was taking 2.5 hours for a full charge, but I upgraded my plug to the Anker Nano II which when paired with inCharge X it halved my charging times, similar to the XL.

Transfer Speeds

Topping out at 480 Mbps / 60 Mbps, the inCharge X is no slouch when it comes to transfer speeds. On paper of, course my SSD’s are capable of nearly double that But between device, cable and SSD there’s always going to be one device that’s a bit slower than the others. It’s always going to come down to personal use with technology. For myself the primary use of my cables is always going to be charging, but when I do back up my photos I am more than happy with 480 Mbps. At this speed it only usually takes a couple of minutes max, and I usually do it at the end of the day in a coffee shop so I’m nice and relaxed.

inCharge X: Final Thoughts

I think the inCharge X has made some amazing improvements since the inCharge 6. They have taken what made the inCharge so great, whilst also listening to their community when they make improvements. As much as I love it, in my personal opinion I would go for the inCharge XL 30cm. The difference in length makes it more practical to use, but it still retains the packability. Also both cables are very similarly priced. 

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