inCharge 6 Review

Rolling Square inCharge 6

inCharge 6: Our Verdict

inCharge 6 Star Rating

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


Works with any device

Fits on a keyring

Great build quality


Charging only rated at 15W (5V/3A)

The short length means devices can hang from sockets

Technical Details


7.1cm x 1.3cm x 0.5cm



Max Charging Speeds

15W (5V/3A)

Data Transfer Speeds

480 Mbps / 60 MBps

Where to buy

You can also use the below button to purchase your own inCharge 6 from Rolling Square or Amazon. By purchasing through these links I may receive a commission which will go towards supporting the blog.

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inCharge 6: First Impressions

I love the box and packaging in which the inCharge 6 arrives. It consists entirely of cardboard with no unnecessary plastic, making it much better for the environment. The product feels well-made, and the cable, reinforced by Nylon fiber. Making sure it won’t easily get damaged by your keys or in your bag. However, the polished metal finish appears susceptible to scratches. The device is easy and simplistic to use. This marks the first time I’ve encountered a Micro-USB and Lightning in the same connector, and I’m intrigued to see how that works.

Design & Aesthetic

Rolling Square inCharge 6

The inCharge 6 looks and feels tough, but is still aesthetically pleasing to have. The cable reinforces itself with Nylon fiber, providing not only a great appearance but also a practical choice for protecting the cable. I appreciate the option to choose the input and output colors of the cable, with stylish options like Mercury grey, Moon white, and Saturn gold—all featuring the same black cable. My concern is I can see the metal easily becoming scratched however the impact of that would only be on its looks and not performance.


Rolling Square inCharge 6

Being such a tiny cable length, it does make the inCharge 6 extremely packable. The short size of the cable, held together by a strong magnet, makes it perfect for my keys. This makes it easy to loop on and off your keyring and you don’t have to have your keys dangling when you use the cable. Just make sure the ring for your keys is able to accommodate as the cable is thick. I like to keep it my inCharge 6 in my tech pouch. It keeps everything in one place and prevents my cable from getting lost.


I have noticed and felt disappointed that it’s crucial to pay attention to the direction in which you use the cable. With other USB-C to USB-C cables I have had in the past I can plug either end into my laptop and the SSD will read just fine. When using my inCharge 6, I must align the input and output correctly; otherwise, the cable won’t work.


Rolling Square Charging

So when I was using this cable to charge my device, the speeds left much to be desired. It would charge my device however compared to many other cables currently on the market it was significantly slower. At 15W (5V/3A) the inCharge 6 was incapable of fast charging my smartphone. However, I have heard this issue has been addressed with the latest model, the inCharge X which I will be reviewing a the start of 2023. This will still be more than capable of charging your device though it will just require a little more patience. 

Data Transfer

Rolling Square  cable

For my usage the data transfer speeds were perfect. It’s rare I will be transferring huge amounts of data in a hurry. I used it to share my photos from a computer to SSD, as well as from my SSD to my phone. Each time, a different connector combo was used, one USB-A to USB-C, the other USB-C to USB-C. I was happy with the transfer speeds each time, I transferred content amounting to a couple of gigs, and I was more than content with the time it took. I think in the future the inCharge 6 is going to be my primary data transfer cable as it is the perfect size to be kept in my tech pouch with my SSD.

inCharge 6: Final Thoughts

I think this is a great cable, for $19 the inCharge 6 can replace every cable I own. That means no more time wasted untangling cables or trying to find the right one in my bag. Although its length isn’t ideal for charging from a wall, it’s perfectly fine for a power bank on the go. I can see this cable being my go-to for transferring and moving content across my devices. It’s a perfect size and very portable. In the upgrade to the inCharge 6, the inCharge X has addressed the lack of fast charge.

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