Edge Kit Review

Rolling Square Edge Mount Review

Edge Kit: Our Verdict

Edge Kit Star Rating

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy


  • Magnets required for Android devices
  • Magsafe isn’t secure without the wireless adapter

Technical Details

Main Materials




Wireless Charging Speeds


Edge Light Max Brightness

280 Lumens


Basalt Grey, Petra Red, Carrara White

Edge Kit: Where to buy

The link below will take you to Rolling Squares Website where you can purchase the Edge Kit and other great products. By clicking the link and using the code “BradsBackpack20” you will get 20% off your first purchase and I will receive a commission which helps support the blog.

Rolling Square Edge Promo

Edge Kit: First Impressions

After my review of the inCharge X and XL, Rolling Square sent me their Edge Kit and TAU to review. As always I promise to give a full independent review of the product.

Technology is always changing, and more people are moving away from bulky desktops to more streamlined laptops. But that means the accessories we use have to evolve too, and that’s where the Edge Kit comes in. It’s a complete package for everything you would need to multitask when working. Consisting of a mount, a light, and a wireless charger. 

 I was pretty excited to receive this as I am doing more and more work remotely, so anything that can make that situation more efficient is a godsend. For the record I am using a Samsung S21 Ultra for this test. It’s not the most up-to-date device but it’s by no means old. Being an Android device means it doesn’t have the Magsafe compatibility that Apple does. But with a few adjustments it is still compatible. 


Connecting the mount to your laptop is as simple as removing the cover on the sticker and putting it into place. Took me seconds and it feels really sturdy, it’s universal too, allowing you to place it to the left, right or even above your screen. Rolling Square provides a second sticker in case you decide to change its position or get a new laptop. It’s the same with installing the magnets on your phone. They have provided a cardboard centering tool so that you can ensure each magnet is centrally installed. 

Edge Mount

Rolling Square Edge Kit

The main component of the Edge Kit System, this is where the accessories connect to your laptop. Composed of aluminium, the Edge connects to your laptop using a provided Nano Suction layer, allowing it to be compatible with any device providing the surface is flat.


So Rolling Square states that the Edge Mount is Magsafe compatible, so it should be able to hold an iPhone 12 or onwards without any issue. I am a Samsung user but I did manage to find a family member who was willing to let me test the Edge using their iPhone 13 Pro. Now from my usage the Edge mount on its own did not hold the iPhone, even when I removed the Magsafe compatible case the magnets seemed unable to connect. However when I added the wireless charger, the mount held the iPhone with ease. It’s a little frustrating but at least it works, and there’s a good chance that if I’m using the mount I would want my device charging anyway.

Android Compatibility

Because my device isn’t MagSafe compatible, I had to actually install two magnets creating a “Bullseye” look to my phone. A dot for holding the phone to the mount and a ring for when I want to connect to the wireless charger. I did try and place them inside my phone case but it seemed either my phone case was too thick or the magnet wasn’t strong enough so I had to stick it outside. 

Personally I’m not a fan of the magnets, they are necessary for it to work but ruin the clean look of my phone case. Because its two magnets as well, one a dot and the other a ring, it created a bullseye look on my phone. I would like to see in the future them at least condense this down to just the one magnet that would work on both. However I think it’s great that Rolling Square has made sure that they are included and still work.

Update: since this review was released I have upgraded to the S24 Ultra and purchased a magsafe case from Mous which helps overcome this issue, meaning its compatible without the magnet sticker.


I love it because I’m always multitasking. I may be writing on my laptop but have a tab open on my phone with information or research. The Edge Mount keeps my phone within my view without having to keep moving my head. With the magnets attached to my case, I can easily snap my phone on and it feels solid and secure. It makes it easier to work on my laptop as I can use my phone as a second screen. It also has the added benefit of when I’m working from the comfort of my bed I don’t lose my phone in the covers, even if im not using it as a second screen.

Edge Light

Rolling Square Light Mount

It’s no surprise in this day and age video calls are taking over. It doesn’t matter if you’re a digital nomad or an office worker, they’ll always be some element of video calling. The problem is using a laptop for video calling means we often don’t have the correct lighting setup. Our homes aren’t designed for video calling or professional setup, but the Edge Light lets you take that on the go with you. Despite its small and lightweight size, at max setting the Edge Light is capable of 280 lumens, but you have three levels of luminosity to choose from. It’s simple to use, with one button to click through the levels or turn off. Despite it constantly being in your peripheral view, even at max setting it’s not blinding as the lights have been softened by a translucent filter. It has its own internal battery and can be charged by USB-C, but you can also plug it into your laptop and use it whilst it charges.

Edge Wireless

Rolling Square Edge Mount Review

Included in the Edge is a small converter, which will allow the Edge Mount to wirelessly charge your phone whilst it rests. The charger is currently 15w, so it won’t be the fastest of charges but it will keep it topped up whilst in use. With the mount being in the centre of your phone though if you do need it charged quicker you can still opt into traditional wired charging.

Edge Kit: Final Thoughts

The Edge Kit seeks to make modern working easier. The lighting works great for video calls especially when I am at my home office and the lighting isn’t great. And on the odd occasion I work on my tablet instead of my laptop, I do find myself missing having my notifications in sight, rather than having to search for where I left my phone. This is perfect for the modern office environment, but if you want to be a digital nomad, or even are one already. This is a great, lightweight bit of kit that will really up your productivity. 

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