TAU Power Bank Review

TAU charging block Brads Backpack EDC review

TAU Power Bank: Over Verdict

TAU Power Bank Star Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.


  • Lightweight
  • Built-in cables
  • Easily fits on keys


  • Can only be charged in its case
  • Small capacity

Technical Details


6cm x 4.5cm x 1.2cm




14000 mAh

Cable compatability

USB C, Lightning and Micro USB

Main Materials


Where to buy

The link below will take you to Rolling Squares Website where you can purchase the TAU and other great products. By clicking the link and using the code “BradsBackpack20” I will not receive any commission, but you will get 20% off your first purchase.

Rolling Square TAU Promo code Brads Backpack EDC review

You can also use the below button to purchase from Amazon. The code Rolling Square has provided will only work when you purchase directly from their site and not Amazon. But by purchasing from Amazon I may receive a commission which will go towards supporting the blog.

TAU Power Bank: First Impressions

Rolling Square sent me the TAU to test out after I loved the inCharge X and XL cables they sent previously. I never leave home without a battery pack, and often if I head to London which is about an hour’s journey each way for me. Like anyone, I spent that hour scrolling through my phone. Those journeys plus my day out adventuring often means my battery gets hammered, so I’ll need to top up throughout the day. 

Usually I have a bag with me, so in the past I’ve prioritised capacity over function. Often getting big and bulky battery packs because they last multiple days and I forget to recharge them. Rolling Square has made the Tau fix two of life’s problems, never running out of charge and never losing my keys. I really like its design, it doesnt get in the way or add too much weight to my keys. I wsa excited to get this out of the box and start using it straight away.

Look & Aesthetics

I really dig the look of the TAU. I will admit I had reservations with it being made of plastic, but it feels solid. The battery can take a beating being so close to my keys, so its solid design is comforting. The TAU comes in three colours, Pure White, Charcoal Black, and Agave Green. The Agave Green has become my personal favourite but they all look so good I’d be happy receiving any. I do have concerns about the clip itself, the connection point does feel a little weaker than the rest of the pack, but I have been using it for over a month now and have had no issues at all.


Rolling Square’s TAU is small and simple. I really love how the two cables are snugly built into the device so I never have to carry any cables with me. The snug fit can make them a little bit difficuly to remove but I would prefer that than have them constantly falling out. TAU has a Dual Micro USB and Lighting cable on one side, and a USB C the other. This means it can charge nearly any device without you wondering if it’s Apple or Android. I have found it really handy especially as I’ve fallen into the habit of forgetting to charge my phone during the day, and only realising I’m on 15% as I leave work. The TAU is enough for me to still be able to use my phone on my commute home without having to make sacrifices for battery life.

0 Dock

Rolling Square TAU Promo code Brads Backpack EDC review

I really like the charging dock, it’s a great place to store my keys and ensures I leave the house with a full charge each day. It charges and holds your keys in place with a magnet. the magnet is suprisingly strong, being able to hold all of my keys.

Installing the dock is really easy. It comes with a reusable sticky pad so you can attach it to almost anywhere. If you want a more permanent solution (and you’re a bit DIY savvy) then you are provided with screws as well. I prefer the sticky pad as it gives more options. I currently have mine stuck to the side of my chest of drawers next to my desk. I’m much happier as I used to dump my keys on my desk, and then it gets lost in the general clutter. Now it’s conveniently placed so I can just grab and go.

The downside of committing to a spot and sticking it in place is that I can’t bring it with me. If I’m travelling for a few days then I’d have to bring another battery pack, as once the TAU is dead then I can’t recharged until Ireturn home.


The TAU Power Banks small size does reflect on its capacity. At just 1400mAh it’s just enough to top up my phone. And that’s perfect for my needs. When I’m out exploring I don’t really need it to be topped up to 100%. It has enough charge to keep my phone alive long enough for me to get home. And as soon as I get in it goes back into its cradle ready for the next day.


Rolling Square TAU Promo code Brads Backpack EDC review

Rolling Square’s TAU is ultra-packable, barely adding any weight or bulk to my everyday carry. I can leave it on my keys and slip it into the front pouch of my camera bag. I think that having the cables built-in is a great feature as they don’t get tangled in my bag on my other contents. The cables tuck in keeping its slim profile.

TAU Power Bank: Final Thoughts

Simply put, I love my TAU. As I often find with Rolling Square’s products, a lot of thought and consideration has gone into the design. It may not be ideal for longer travel as you’d have to bring a dock. But as a piece of everyday carry kit it’s perfect. I use it every time I venture up to the city, whether that’s for work or to do some photography. It’s a piece of kit that will be loved by just about anyone, and with three colour choices it looks pretty good too!

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