Millaa Millaa Falls: Waterfalls in the heart of the rainforest

Millaa Millaa Falls in the Tablelands Queensland Australia

I did not know much about Millaa Millaa falls before my trip to Australia, in fact, I’d never heard of it at all. But near the end of my tour, I was asked to extend it for an extra few days and visit the waterfall circuit. Since I’d had an incredible time so far, I thought it might be better to stay on and see where it takes me next. Originally my next stop would have been Melbourne, and I had more time there than I planned so I made the decision to change my flight and stay on to see what it held in store for me. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I made as it took me here, to Millaa Millaa falls in the Atherton Tablelands area.

Millaa Millaa’s history on camera

Millaa Millaa is the most photographed of the falls on the circuit, and it comes as no surprise. These falls are surrounded by lush rainforests, so it’s no surprise it has started to become an icon. Fans of Peter Andre will recognise this spot from his famous music video Mysterious Girl, whereas others may know it more from the Herbal Essences adverts. I was convinced both of these would have been filmed in a studio, so it was a surprise to see that it is a real rainforest.

My time swimming at Millaa Millaa Falls

But not only is Millaa Millaa Falls a real place but it’s a popular spot to go wild swimming too. The water is incredibly cool which came as a sweet relief given the Australian heat that day. Just be careful as you wade into to water as it is very rocky and slippery. I hadn’t brought any water shoes so I was just careful. But I did almost lose my balance a few times until the water was deep enough for me to swim.

Millaa Millaa Falls in the Tablelands Queensland Australia

Keep your eyes on the water for wildlife as you relax here. Tortoises and platypi (I had to google to plural too) are known to swim in the nearby creek. We were lucky enough to see quite a few tortoises, and it was calming to just lay back and watch as they made their way down the river. Just remember to be a good tourist and stay respectful to them. That means not attempting to grab them out of the water or disturb them for a close-up photo. The zoom on your camera is more than good enough for a snap. The wildlife shares the land and water with us and they deserve our respect.

Tim Tam Cake at the Falls Teahouse

Many tourists use this spot as a chance to stop and have their lunch in the picnic area. And with an unobstructed view of the Millaa Millaa Falls it’s the perfect place to sit and relax. Although there isn’t anywhere to grab food in the immediate area, on the way we visited The Falls Teahouse. And let me tell you no visit is complete without a stop there. We arrived to find just one slice of Tim Tam cake for the four of us. But by this point we had become close-knit we were happy to share. If you don’t intend of sitting down for something to eat then just make sure you bring a packed lunch (I recommend bringing a slice of the aforementioned Tim Tam cake). But if you have the time then I would wholeheartedly recommend stopping by The Falls Teahouse on the way.

The Falls Teahouse in the Tablelands, Queensland, Australia
Tim Tam Cheesecake in Australia

When planning your visit to Millaa Millaa Falls keep an eye on the local weather. If you visit after a fresh rainfall the waterfall will be at its strongest with clear blue water. But whenever you choose to visit you will never be disappointed with the view. I visited at the very beginning of the wet season so the flow wasn’t the strongest and the water was still a little brown. But that still gave us a stunning view we didn’t want to leave.

Millaa Millaa Falls FAQ’s

How much is it to visit Millaa Millaa Falls?

There are no charges to visit the Millaa Millaa Falls if you go by yourself. You can visit them as part of a tour of the waterfalls circuit. But the price of this would be dependent on the tour itself. I have attached a link to Get Your Guide below. Booking through the link doesn’t cost you any extra but I may receive a commission which helps support the blog.

Can I swim in the falls?

Yes, it starts very shallowly so you can walk up to a depth you’re comfortable with. If you just want a paddle and get your feet wet that can be done, if you do want to swim you have to walk a bit out and it can be quite rocky so make sure to take care.

Is there a car park?

Yes, they offer car and coach parking just outside the entrance to Millaa Millaa Falls.

Are there toilets and changing facilities?

Yes, there are both public toilets and changing facilities for use here.

What time of year is best to visit?

Millaa Millaa Falls runs year-round, as I’ve mentioned the best time to visit is just after a fresh rainfall when the water will be at its strongest.

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