The Tablelands

The Tablelands in Australia

They say that the best things in life are free, and the Tablelands (or Atherton Tablelands) certainly proves that. This area north of Cairns contains some of the most stunning landscapes I have ever been fortunate to come across. The Tablelands were my final territory in my Queensland adventure. After exploring the Daintree I drove down here to spend the night before exploring fresh in the morning. 


During my visit to the Tablelands I stayed at the On the Wallaby Eco Lodge, a cosy little hostel in the heart of Yungaburra. This was the perfect place to start a road trip packed with stops. If you are a photographer or nature lover you will be spoilt for choice. Waterfalls, Rainforests, Wetlands and even Savannas are abundant here. And if wildlife is your thing then its rife. Everything from beautiful birds in the trees to ferocious crocs. Of course in some areas there are also Cassowaries, incredible angry birds which make crocodiles look like puppy dogs. 

My first brush with the locals was during my stay in Yungaburra, nestled in the heart of the captivating Tablelands. On the edge of town there is a viewing platform where if you are lucky enough you might spot a Platypus. This is your best opportunity to see one in the wild. I was fortunate enough to see one, and I could have stayed there for hours watching it swim. But a busy schedule doesn’t allow such luxuries, and even at night I had an itinerary. On the Wallaby Eco Lodge arranges nighttime tours of Lake Tinaroo. You traverse the water by canoe, with nothing but a small battery powered torch to guide you. With no light pollution and only the stars to guide you, your torch will light up the eyes of wallabies and maybe even a bandicoot on the shore.

The open roads of the Tablelands

During the day, the Tablelands has some incredible places to visit. Some of my favourites include Millaa Milla falls, made famous by Peter Andre’s “Mysterious Girl” and the Herbal Essences adverts. Or swimming in Lake Eacham, a lake surrounded by a lush forest. This is probably the only place you can swim with a wild crocodile, as the lake has its own resident freshwater croc. But don’t be too alarmed, Freshwaters are nowhere near as aggressive as their saltwater cousins and will actively avoid humans.  

My biggest regret with visiting the Tablelands is I didn’t allow myself enough time. Initially my flights were booked so after arriving in Cairns I would be flying South to Melbourne the day after. I managed to rearrange my flights, allowing me to participate in the Waterfall tour. But I was so jealous of the other backpackers who had their own camper van and were able to stay in some of these stunning spots overnight.

What to do in the Tablelands

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