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Autumn road for travel blog post

October for me is peak Autumn time. The evenings are cold enough for a light jacket, pumpkin spiced latte adverts are everywhere, and of course you have Halloween. For a lot of destinations peak tourist season is over. Making it a great time to grab a weekend away at a bargain. It doesn’t need to be blazing heat to enjoy a weekend away. So cosy up in these six destinations you should consider for your October trip.


Bergen, Norway in the Autumm for October travel destinations

Norway is beautiful at any time of the year, but it shines in October. In Autumn you’ll get more sunlight than winter, but a higher chance of a visit from the Northern Lights than in the summer. Many opt for a city break whilst others decide to come through on a cruise so that they can enjoy the Fjords and Norway’s nature. 


Japan in the Autumn for October Travel Guide

Cities or Nature, both are on offer here. In the autumn, Japan’s beauty can rival its own cherry blossom season. With momijigari (red leaf hunting) tours being a popular way of enjoying the turning weather. Outside of Kyoto is easily accessible by a train ride. So you can see all of nature’s views in the day, and in the evening still enjoy the overwhelming choices of bars and restaurants available in the city.

The UK

Sussex Countryside

Growing up in England, I know how beautiful it can be during the autumn. October is the perfect time for a country break. Get out of the city and head to the country and book a cosy cottage. You can book a glamping pod or rent a cottage, but with the leaves turning brown you can fill your days with brisk walks or relaxing with a good book. And spend your evenings either cosying up by the warmth of a fire or soaking up the atmosphere with a cold beer in a local pub.


Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech republic for October Travel Guide

If you want to enjoy some of its history and museums, October is a great time to visit Prague. With the summer crowds easing you can enjoy a lot more breathing room around its mediaeval centre, castles, churches and of course the Charles Bridge. Many of the museums close in November so it’ll be the last few weeks to enjoy them. For the wine lovers you’ll be visiting just off the back of the grape harvest, allowing you to enjoy sweet, low-alcoholic Burčák (young wine). If you visit on the 28th of October, the Czech Republic celebrates the anniversary of their independence. Not only will there be events and exhibitions, but even state buildings open up their doors to allow exclusive tours not available during the rest of the year. 

Cusco, Peru

Machu Picchu in Cusco Peru for October Travel Guide

I visited here myself in October many years ago, and it’s a stunning experience. The weather can be fickle, when I was hiking the Inca trail I could have hot weather perfect for shorts and within a few minutes be caught in a freezing cold downpour. Of course you don’t have to hike, with buses available to take you to and from Machu Picchu. But for a breathtaking view it’s worth hiking away and up to the Sun Gate. You can either do a day hike from the train station, or a short hike from Machu Picchu, but the view is not one you want to risk missing out on.

New South Wales, Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge at Sunset for Brads Backpack travel guide

Australia is one of my favourite destinations, and in New South Wales october is the perfect time to visit. It has some of the most beautiful places that nature has to offer. With the option of either jumping on a tour or renting a car to get out of the city, nature is at your fingertips. In Sydney not only do you have one of the best cities I have ever visited but just outside you have the Blue Mountains. Further north you have Brisbane, an amazing city in itself but you have access to K’Gari, not only the world’s largest sand island but one of the best experiences of my life. 

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