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My arrival to Sydney

Throughout my journey, Sydney will always hold a special place in my heart. It was my final stop on my tour of Australia, and the city I was most excited for. I had spent almost a month exploring the country, and had experienced so much. Sydney offered the perfect viewpoint to sit down and reflect on my journey. But of course I was still able to squeeze in some last minute adventure. 

Sydney Activities

For relaxing strolls I would head down to the Opera House, taking a long route through the Royal Botanical Gardens. The Royal Botanical Gardens are stunning and the perfect place to relax in the sun. I was often spending my afternoons here with lunch. The nearby Opera Pier had some beautiful restaurants, so I would walk along and try a new one every night. Although always keeping my favourite Italian in mind for my final evening. 

For more action, I was able to get a train down to North Wollongong to do some Skydiving. North Wollongong is also Australia’s highest skydive at 16,000ft, giving you even more time in freefall. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy then how about climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Not only will your tour guide give you a full history of Sydney but you will get perfect unobstructed views of the city as well as the Opera House. For another unique view, one of my favourite things about Sydney was how easy it was to get a ferry for transport. For some places like the Zoo you had the option to arrive by ferry, travelling across the water and past the Opera House. This not only gives you a unique view but it’s really affordable too.  

There’s also so much shopping you can do in Sydney. I had completely forgotten to buy any souvenirs so I picked them up here. I also bought some new clothing so I had something soft for the long flight home. Christmas would also be fast approaching after my arrival home so I thought better to grab a few bits now for some really unique presents. 

When the city got too much, and I felt the call to nature, I visited the Blue Mountains. Enjoying the fresh outdoor air with a simple picnic lunch from a local bakery. This was a full day tour similar to the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne, and the very last thing I did in my Aussie adventure. But at the end of the day we sat on a cliff edge overlooking the valley. Our tour guide had kept beers cold in a fridge all day for us, which we shared amongst our new tour friends. For me that was the perfect way to toast goodbye to my Aussie adventure.

What to do in Sydney

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Arranging your trip

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