T7 Touch SSD Review

Samsung T7 Touch with laptop

T7 Touch: Our Verdict

T7 Touch SSD Star Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Built-in Fingerprint reader

Slim and stylish profile

Fast transfer speeds



Requires additional apps

Technical Details


85 mm x 57 mm x 8 mm




500gb / 1TB / 2TB

Data Transfer Speeds

1,050MBps / 1,000 MBps

Available colours

Silver / Black

Where to buy

You can also use the below button to purchase your own T7 Touch SSD from Amazon. By purchasing through these links I may receive a commission which will go towards supporting the blog.

T7 Touch SSD: First Impressions

Samsung T7 Touch with laptop

After staying up until 3am attempting to revive a corrupted hard drive, I thought it was high time I upgraded to a more reliable SSD. I ended up buying multiple from different brands, including the Sandisk SSD and the Sandisk Extreme SSD. The idea being to haviw multiple backups in case one should fail. The first I decided on was the Samsung T7 Touch SSD. I’ve been reliant on Samsung products for a long time, so I felt confident with the brand. It was a little harder to source but I got the T7 Touch. Almost identical to others within the range just with the added addition of a fingerprint reader for added security.

Unpackaging the product I was initially impressed, it has that solid weight to it that feels reassuring in your palm. It’s made of a brushed metal and the fingerprint reader is clear and easy to identify. It definitely feels a lot more robust than my other SSD’s, I wouldn’t be concerned if this was knocking around in my bag. Samsung highlights its compact and durable design and at first look I’m confident it can live up to that claim.


At the time of writing the T7 Touch comes in 500gb, 1TB and 2TB sizes. I am using and reviewing the 1TB version. Prices on SSD do rise exponentially as you increase capacity, so it’s good to buy the right size for what you need.

Setting up my fingerprint

You will be prompted to install the Samsung Portable SSD software which you will need to keep on your device to unlock it whenever it’s connected. It then walks you through the process of registering your fingerprint. I found it nice and simple to do so and my new SSD was ready to go in a few minutes. Rest assured you do have to set up a password as well as the fingerprint, so should something happen or your fingerprint sensor malfunction your data won’t be locked out forever. Now whenever I connect it the software opens immediately and I’m prompted to read my fingerprint to unlock it.


I’ve tried the T7 on multiple devices to see how it’ll work. So initially I set it up using my laptop. The T7 reads it quickly and I have access to my content in moments. I’ve since used the T7 on android devices, both smartphone and tablets, and it works perfectly. The great thing about SSD’s is that they don’t require additional power so they can connect to smaller devices. You do have the Samsung Portable SSD app for the fingerprint sensor, but for myself I already have pages of apps, so one more tucked into a folder is no issue.

Transfer speeds

The T7 Touch SSD advertises some impressive transfer speeds, and in my experience it backs up those claims. In the past I have used HDD, so as soon as I transfer more than a few GB of data I am prepared to set my laptop aside and dedicate it solely to that. Now my entire catalogue of content can be moved in the time it takes to make myself a coffee. Pretty impressive stuff and perfect for when you quickly want to back up or transfer data.

T7 Touch SSD: Final Thoughts

I love my Samsung T7 Touch, of the SSD’s I’ve had on test recently, I would say this was my favourite. Aesthetically it looks the best, and the looks just match the performance. Would I pay extra for the fingerprint security? Probably not. It’s a great feature and ideal if you have sensitive data on it, but mine will be videos of my travels which I intend to share anyway, not spy secrets.

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