Josephine Falls: An Escape into Nature

Josephine Falls in the Tablelands Queensland Australia

When my tour guide Noddy told us she was taking us to Josephine Falls, she described it in two words, Natural Waterslides. This prompted more questions from us, but Noddy kept schtum. By the time we arrived the excitement had built up in the coach. But when the doors opened in a car park and we were surrounded by lush rainforest, we couldn’t see anything. No hidden lagoons or tranquil pools, we listened hard but couldn’t even hear the roar of a waterfall in the distance. 

Josephine falls Tablelands Australia

The path to Josephine Falls

Our perplexion clear as day across our faces, Noddy pointed at a small footpath leading into the trees. “Follow that down to the very end, you will find an observation deck overlooking Josephine Falls, then on the way back you can swim in two lower pools beneath it” So we started our plod along the path to find these mystical falls. There’s a lot of suspense in the walk.

Usually when I am on a tour or going to places, I google and research the spots ahead of time. Checking out images and descriptions like a kid who just found his parent’s Amazon order history as Christmas. But with the waterfall tour, I had booked it at the last minute and was constantly surrounded by friends. I had no time to myself let alone time to kill, so I was walking in here blind with no clue what to expect.

As we get closer to the end of the path we could hear the sound of the waterfall growing from a murmur to a roar, until we eventually made our way onto the observation deck to take in the view in all its glory. The waterfall is stunning, despite it being our third and final waterfall of the day, this spot still managed one of those rare occasions that the location does live up to the hype. 

Waterslides and Natural Pools

By this point, we were desperate to dive in, but surrounding signs were telling us it would be dangerous to do so. We made our way back into the forest and down the path. This time we popped down one of the side routes we ignored earlier. This time we emerged onto a smaller platform with stairs leading down to the water. All great to begin with, however once we reached the water we would have to clamber over some large rocks to be able to swim. Whilst some were relatively dry and easy to walk on, others were wet and coated in slippery moss. It is entirely worth it though, with the water being the perfect temperature.

As Noddy had promised us, at Josephine Falls there was a natural waterslide too. This consisted of a large flat rock where the water ran down into one of the larger pools. As soon as I set foot on it I lost my grip and went sliding down the rock. As fun as this was I had a few bruises before I mastered getting on it without falling over.

Josephine Falls in the Tablelands Queensland Australia

Waterslides and Natural Pools

Located in the rainforests of Wooroonooran National Park, Josephine Falls can be found a 75km drive south of Cairns. An easily drivable trip from Cairns and the perfect spot for a dip on a hot day. Josephine Falls is considered part of the waterfall circuit. Visiting it an essential stop if you want a real Queensland experience.  

There are three observation decks from which you can take in the view. Each one you with presenting a different section of Josephine Falls. When you arrive, I would recommend taking the same path as me. You can walk to the top point and follow it back down. By the time you reach the bottom pool, you will desperate to dive in and cool down in the water. Just remember swimming is restricted to the bottom pools and the middle creek. The top pool is prohibited for safety reasons as it’s too dangerous to swim there.

Josephine Falls FAQ

How do I get to Josephine Falls?

There are many tours available that will take you to Josephine Falls as part of the waterfall circuit. To make it easier booking a tour I have attached a link with Get Your Guide. By clicking through the link it wont cost you anymore but I may receive a commission which will help support the blog.

Are there BBQ facilities here? 

Yes, at Josephine Falls there are BBQs free for the public to use. The same rules apply here to any public BBQs across Australia. You have to supply food and cooking utensils yourself, and make sure you wipe down the BBQ before and after you’ve finished. 

Is camping allowed here? 

No camping is allowed at Josephine Falls. There are camping spots nearby, or the city of Cairns is a 75km drive away. 

When is the wet season?

The wet season is from November to March, so expect stronger currents and higher water levels during this time. Visiting in the wet season can be more dangerous, read on the find out what dangers to be aware of and how to stay safe.

How can I stay safe when I visit Josephine Falls?

Make sure you keep note of the weather conditions, you must be careful of stronger water currents or even flash flooding. Although these are more common in the wet season, they can happen at any time. Be careful when climbing across the rocks as they can be incredibly slippery, be mindful of submerged rocks when in the swimming areas otherwise you can easily bash into them. Make sure to stick to swimming only in the designated areas at Josephine Falls and you will be fine.

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