Street Art in Melbourne Australia

Arriving in Melbourne

I flew to Melbourne after my adventures in the Tablelands. It was my first big city in Australia since I landed in Brisbane nearly two weeks before. During my stay I would be at the Base X hostel in St Kilda. I can’t say it was the worst hostel I stayed at during my adventures, but it damn well tried its hardest to win that title. I will admit the majority of the problems I had were caused by bad roommates. But when I return to Melbourne one day I think I’ll be upgrading to a hotel, and maybe change districts too. There are benefits to a bad hostel though, the biggest (and perhaps only) one being that it encourages you to get out and explore more. 

Arts and Sports

The coastal capital of Victoria, Melbourne has a reputation for being the sporting capital of the world. They host the Australian Open, Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, the AFL Grand Final, the MotoGP and the Spring Racing Carnival. It’s the perfect city for live sport and a fantastic opportunity. Even if you aren’t a sports fan it’s easy to get caught up in the atmosphere and excitement in the city. 

But if sports is well and truly not your thing, Melbourne will still greet you with open arms. For budding artists and photographers there is some incredible street art. You can find a variety of guides like this one here where you can hunt them at your own pace. But you can also join an organised tour and let the experts do the work for you. I loved seeing various different art pieces and snapping them with my camera. The one below was a particular favourite of mine.

Street art in Melbourne Australia

Melbourne was originally called Batmania, and got its name after Batman. Sadly not Bruce Wayne, but one of its founding fathers John Batman. My time was short in Melbourne, so I focused on relaxing. But I knew I had to spend a day on the Great Ocean Road. Not only had I been assured it’s the road trip of a lifetime. Whether you decide to rent a car and drive yourself, or join a tour, you will encounter the most stunning scenery in your life. Make sure to get a sample of Vegemite ice cream while you’re there too, although they give away more free samples than they sell. 

I spent a day just roaming around the city, enjoying food and a bit of retail therapy. Melbourne is so easy to navigate around with a regular and simple to use tram system. Getting in and out of the inner city was a cinch. That was one of the perks of staying in St Kilda, I was right at the end of the tram line, so it was pretty easy finding one in and out. 

What to do

Link to the St Kilda Travel Guide
Link to the The Great Ocean road Travek Guide

Arranging your trip

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