Air Fraser flights: Your guide to touring K’gari by plane

What better way to see an island than by air? As well as being a motorway, the 75-mile beach is also classed as a runway for planes too. Here tourists can get scenic flights offering unparalleled views of K’Gari courtesy of Air Fraser. I first saw these planes as I reached Eli Creek, parked on the beach by the shore. Our tour guide told us there were spaces if we wanted to have the chance. Giving me a 15-minute scenic tour over the island. I knew immediately I couldn’t miss this opportunity and I would regret it if I said no.

Within minutes we were loading onto the plane, it is a little unnerving when you first sit down. I am used to planes taking off from carefully laid tarmac,. Yet here I was about to take off and land from soft sand I had been struggling to walk in. Luckily they don’t give you much time to think about this as I was rapidly bundled into the plane. After a quick safety talk which featured no air hostesses showing us our exits, we were taxiing on the sand. 

Over K’Gari

I was extremely lucky with the weather for my Air Fraser flight, with barely a cloud in the sky and no wind at all, I was able to relax and take in the sights. You get to see the island from a perspective many would only dream of. If you haven’t already visited yet, this could be your first glimpse of Lake McKenzie, a heart-shaped lake at the centre of the island, the perfect shape considering the lake is the heart and soul of the island. 

The next sight was the 75-mile beach, I know it’s named that for a reason, but watching the golden sands stretch out into the distance almost endlessly is breathtaking. Sitting on the shore is the S.S. Maheno, a WW1 hospital ship that has been left to rust since it washed up in 1935. I was very excited to see this, and couldn’t wait for the part of the tour that would take me closer. I had never seen a shipwreck before, besides the ones you find in goldfish bowls, and now was my chance. 

My tour had plans to see the S.S. Maheno up closer later on, and my attention was quickly taken away as the plane turned us towards the ocean. We were told whales had been spotted by the previous flight and everyone’s faces immediately pressed against the glass. I did my best to look, and although I was told some were there, they were a fair distance away and I had left my glasses on the bus so I had no chance. I was able to make out turtles and other animals though, and what I could see was amazing. 

S.S. Maheno Aerial View from K'Gari Fraser Island  Australia Flight

And over the Sea

Even when compared to the Whitehaven Beach, the 75 mile beach has to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. When the weather is perfect like it was for me, it stretches on for so long it’s hard to imagine there is anything else in the world besides yourself and the sand. The water is so striking we were encouraged to wake up at the crack of dawn to witness the sunrise, an experience that every visitor should have when they visit.

There are some opportunities to relax and take a breath on K’Gari, but seeing it from the air it doesn’t feel like that was the island’s intention. Instead it feels like it’s about getting back to nature, and its beauty is designed to inspire you to work harder to protect it. With every passing moment on K’Gari I was learning something new about nature and all it made me want to do was work harder to make changes in my life and protect it. 

Coming in to land

Before I knew it we were coming to land again. If I was anxious about taking off from sand, I was terrified about landing on it. My mind was filled with visions of the wheels burying into the soft sand and the last thing to go through my mind being the rudder. Luckily with Air Fraser they have done these flights thousands of times, so I was in safe hands. If anything the opposite was true and the landing was smoother than anything I had experienced from commercial airlines. The pilots at Air Fraser have taken off and landed thousands of times between them and are top of their class.

Aerial view of the 75 mile beach from an Air Fraser Island Flight on KGari Australia

This short flight is an absolute must when you visit. You can book in advance or hope to get a spot on the day. It’s approximately a 15-minute flight and an experience that is worth every penny. Not only is it stunning views but it has the most beautiful landing strip you will ever take off from. I believe I paid less on the day as we didn’t have the chance to book. They were very quiet when I visited so they reduced the price. But I would have been happy to pay more and booked in advance if it guaranteed me a seat.

Air Fraser FAQ’s

Do I need to book in advance with Air Fraser?

You don’t have to with Air Fraser, but as many people don’t visit K’Gari for long I would recommend it to avoid missing out. 

How do I visit K’Gari?

I have attached a booking link with Get Your Guide below to visit the island. By booking through the link it won’t cost you any extra but I will receive a commission which helps support the blog.

What can I see on my flight with Air Fraser?

From your flight you can see Lake Mckenzie and the S.S Maheno. As well as beautiful views of the Island. 

Where do I take off?

You take off and land on the 75 miles beach.

Where to next?

Eli Creek is just a short walk away and a fantastic spot to visit.

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