Eli Creek: K’gari’s ideallic lazy river

Eli Creek on Fraser Island K'gari Australia

Tucked away on K’Gari (Formerly known as Fraser Island), is the perfect lazy river to relax by. Pumping 4 million litres of fresh water into the ocean per hour, Eli Creek is a popular swimming and picnic spot on K’Gari. With a boardwalk that follows the creek inland surrounded by lush forests. At the end reaching a dock where many choose to float in the river back.

Eli Creek on Fraser Island K'gari AustraliaEli Creek on Fraser Island K'gari Australia

It’s said the water here is the purest in the world, which explains why it is so serenely clear. I was astounded by how beautiful this area of Australia is. When I visited here the heat had been beating down all day. So arriving here and cooling off in the waters was a welcome relief. The water was at the perfect temperature, being kept cool in the shade provided by the surrounding trees.

My tour group stayed here for a few hours, dipping their feet in the water. Nearby we had the Air Fraser flight tours which I went on first for an aerial view of the island. I stopped here before heading on to visit the S.S Maheno, as well as some other smaller touristy spots. You can choose to spend your entire day relaxing by the creek. But many on a tour stay for just a short time. Before heading on to explore more of what the island has to offer.

Grabbing that perfect photo

For many the natural beauty of Eli Creek is enough of a draw to visit. My best advice is to make sure you arrive with full batteries in your camera and a fresh memory card. This is the perfect spot to grab so photos of what nature has to offer, or a new pic for your tinder profile. Others it’s just the opportunity to sit back with a nice cold drink and relax somewhere cool.

The source of the creek starts in some dunes in the central part of the island, more water is added from the sand mass of Fraser Island as it makes its way towards the shore. As it makes its journey through various layers of different types of sand the water is filtered, removing any brown tinge from plants leaving it crystal clear. Despite its fast-flowing, it can take water around 100 years to filter its way through.

Girls in Swimsuits going tubing on Eli Creek on Fraser Island K'gari Australia

Getting to Eli Creek

Eli Creek is accessible only by 4WD, and it’s best to take caution when driving through the creeks back especially around high tide. The fast-flowing water, as well as the mix of saltwater and freshwater, means sand can be washed away easily and gouge deep channels which the wheels can sink into. At high tide, I would avoid attempting to drive through the creeks altogether and pull over for a swim instead until it’s safer to cross at the lower end of the beach. The water will be completely covering the sand lowering visibility and increasing the risk of being washed away.

As with the majority of areas on K’Gari, there is the chance dingoes can appear. Although Eli Creek is often heavily populated with tourists which keeps them at bay. Still, the matter remains to keep an eye on your food and ensure it’s all locked away safely and not get complacent.

Eli Creek FAQs

What activities are there here?

Lots of people like to float down Eli Creek, play games in the water or relax in the sun.

Where is Eli Creek?

Eli Creek is located on the eastern beach of K’gari (formerly known as Fraser Island) just off the 75 mile beach.

How can I get to Eli Creek?

The easiest way to visit Eli Creek is on a organised tour. You can book a tour with Get Your Guide. By doing so it won’t cost you any extra but I may receive a commission which helps support the blog.

Is it safe to drink the water?

Yes! Believe it or not this is one of the few places its safe to drink the water directly. As long as you drink the water where its running. There is a rope stopping from tourists travelling too far upstream. I would recommend reaching over and filling your water bottle from here. So you don’t taste other visitors suncream.

How deep is Eli Creek?

The water isnt too deep here for an adult, but you may want to be careful with children. For reference when I visit I am 5″9 and it came to below my knee.

How long is Eli Creek?

Eli Creek is about 200m long, so theres plenty of space to float.

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