Sky Lagoon: Complete relaxation in the outskirts of Reykjavik

Sky Lagoon Spa in reykjavik

Without a doubt you will be asked two questions when you return from Iceland. “Did you see the Northern Lights?” And “Did you go to the Blue Lagoon?”. Now I was incredibly lucky to see the former, but when the weather turned against me and cancelled my trip to the Blue Lagoon, I was left with a completely free day. I was gutted, but then that led me to visit the gem that is the Sky Lagoon.

Best laid plans

Originally, I was due to do a day tour beginning with a hike up a volcano. Then I would be finishing with a well-earned cold beer in the Blue Lagoon. However, with the wind getting stronger by the hour and by the evening the storm was intense. We eventually received an email saying that the volcano would be too dangerous to hike. So for safety reasons our entire day was to be cancelled. I was heartbroken, the Blue Lagoon was my one “I have to go there” excursion, everything else I was flexible on. I searched in desperation for another tour that would take us there. But the majority of excursions had been cancelled earlier in the day. So everyone must have had the same idea as the Blue Lagoon# was fully booked. 

Sky Lagoon Spa entrance in reykjavik

So sitting at breakfast, my friend and I chatted about what we should do with our now-empty schedule. As we had our breakfast and discussed ideas, we remembered an email that Play Airlines had sent us a few weeks prior to our departure. It was a discount code for the Sky Lagoon, a newer lagoon that had opened up less than a year ago. It was perfect, not only was it closer to Reykjavik, but it cost a third of the price of the Blue Lagoon, and we could fit in another excursion too. We booked ourselves in for the afternoon and planned a visit to FlyOver Iceland in the morning. 

Travelling to the Spa

We arranged for a taxi to pick us up from FlyOver Iceland and take us there directly, you can get there by public transport, it’s usually two buses and a walk, however between the two of us it came to about £15 each for a return taxi, and as we were reaching the end of our trip we didn’t mind the extra expense.

My first impression of the location as we approached was a little odd, it seems to be based in the middle of an industrial estate. But when we finally saw the building it looked carved into rock naturally, as if it had always been there. I have never been to a spa before, but this was not my first lagoon in Iceland so I had a rough idea of what to expect. When I made my way into the building though I was blown away by the level of luxury, it was like entering another world. 

Spa changing rooms in reykjavik

Travelling to the Spa

We quickly got signed in and we were given designated wristbands, these were linked to our debit cards so we could buy drinks at the swim-up bar. Even the changing rooms were impressive, I am used to council-run swimming pool changing rooms with permanently dirty floors that never feel clean, and lockers that you can basically get your hand in without having to undo the lock. Instead, everything here felt luxurious, it looked like a giant bathroom in a posh hotel. Even the lockers looked like something you wouldn’t mind in your own home. What was really impressive was that to lock and unlock them you just tap it with your wristband to pair, and tap again to unlock it.

It’s customary to shower before entering the lagoons, so once we had done so we made our way into the water. I had no idea what to expect from the Sky Lagoon, having done very little research. But you would not have any clue you were in a city. Dark rock towers above you on either side as you walk through the water. You are funnelled through until it opens up showing the infinity pool looking out over the sea.

Stepping into the waters

The water temperature here is perfect, it’s not too hot that it feels like your insides are boiling, but it’s not so cold that you are shivering either. Even with the sea breeze rolling in I was still relaxed, especially after a few visits to the swim-up bar to pick up a pint of Gull Beer.

Sky Lagoon Spa in reykjavik

7-step ritual

We didn’t go for the full Sky Lagoon experience, and I have to admit I have a few regrets about not doing it myself. Our friend also visited later on in the evening and told us over cocktails how luxurious the seven-step Ritual was. We confessed we watched with curiosity people disappearing into the hut near the edge of the pool, almost envious of those worthy enough to be initiated into the secret club of the wooden hut. 

You will find lots of places to sit or float here, just be careful as there’s some seating that is the same colour as the floor. So under the water, you don’t see it until you bang your knees on it. We spent a few hours here, enjoying our beers and never tiring of the view. Often we would move about just to see it from a different angle, I particularly liked the nook by the bar, with the rock encroaching over you with no views of the city, you wouldn’t believe this is such a short drive away. Usually, for experiences like this, you have to travel much further out of Reykjavik.

If you’re visiting Reykjavik, the Sky Lagoon has to be on your bucket list. It’s simply stunning, and I thought it had tons of value for your money. So when your friends ask that inevitable question “did you go to the Blue Lagoon?” You can turn around to them and say “I went somewhere better”

Beer in a spa in reykjavik

Sky Lagoon FAQs

Where can I book my ticket?

You can book with them directly below using the link with Get Your Guide. Clicking the link doesn’t cost you any extra, but it does mean I’ll receive a commission and support this blog.

How much do the packages cost?

Pure Lite Pass

From ISK 6,990

  • Sky Lagoon admission
  • Public changing facilities
  • Towel
Pure Pass

From ISK 9,990

  • Sky Lagoon admission
  • Complete seven-step Ritual
  • Public changing facilities
  • Towel
Sky Pass

From ISK 13,990

  • Sky Lagoon
  • Complete seven-step Ritual
  • Private changing facilities with their signature Sky Body Lotion

What is the Ritual?

The Ritual is the ultimate relation programme, compromising of seven steps

  1. Embraced by a soothing Lagoon
  2. Invigorated by a glacier-fresh pool
  3. Amazed by the endless sea from the view of the sauna
  4. Refreshed in an energising mist
  5. Rejuvenated with a cleansing scrub
  6. Warmed in a blanket of steam
  7. Cleansed in a pure, gentle shower

How do I get there?

It’s really easy to get here, you can get two buses from Reykjavik and then walk the rest of the way. However for convenience, you can get a taxi, for us it came to about £15 each way. For two people didn’t sting our budget so badly, but solo travellers may want to opt for public transport.

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