Your complete September Travel Guide

September is a month that offers so much for travellers. With the summer crowds dissipating in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s an ideal time to explore  without the crowds and inflated prices. Whether you’re seeking autumn colours, warm beaches, or unique cultural experiences, there’s a perfect September destination for you.


Japan Mount Fuji for blog post on September Travel Guide

If you’re enchanted by vibrant fall foliage, Japan is your destination. September marks the beginning of the autumn season, and you can witness breathtaking colours in Kyoto, Nikko, and the Japanese Alps. Explore the city or get out into the country. Either will offer you a fantastic cultural experience. The weather is mild, and cultural festivals, like the Tsukimi (moon-viewing) festival, add to the charm. 

Catalonia, Spain

Catalonia Spain Town for blog post on September Travel Guide

If you want to see tourism done right, then you have to visit Catalonia. Despite its neighbour of Barcelona being on the opposite end of the spectrum, Catalonia was the first region to receive the Unesco backed Biosphere Responsible Tourism certification. This is awarded to areas that have perfectly balanced the relationship between humans and nature. In september you can expect an average temperature of 25°C. Making it perfect for laying by the pool without being too hot to leave the hotel. You can kayak between canyons and take it nature without being burnt to a crisp, or strap up your boots for some beautiful hikes. 

New Zealand

Auckland New Zealand for blog post on September Travel Guide

If you’re not a fan of the colder.months, consider escaping to the Southern Hemisphere with New Zealand. Here you will find Spring blooming. Offering you picturesque landscapes, from the lush forests of the North Island to the stunning fjords of the South. Hiking, wildlife encounters, and outdoor adventures are abundant. Many people like to do slow travel and explore by train, taking in the view from their window. New Zealand is known for a love of Rugby with teams like the All Blacks, so why not book a ticket for a game or visit a sports bar to feel the vibe. 

Santorini, Greece

Santorini in Greece, europe

Santorini offers a view that has benefited greatly from social media, attracting tourists in their droves all trying to capture that iconic snap. If you want to b eat the summer heat and crowds, this is the time to visit. The weather is still warm, and the island’s iconic sunsets over the caldera are breathtaking. Explore picturesque villages like Oia and Fira without the tourist throngs.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu Incan Ruins in Peru for blog post on September Travel Guide

September is one of the best times to trek to Machu Picchu. The dry season begins, and the weather is mild. You have the choice of hiking the Inca Trail or take the train to this ancient wonder.  You will enjoy lush landscapes all the way. I have personally taken the train part way and hiked the rest of the way to this ancient wonder and its staggering. The windows on the ceiling and walls of the train offering you surrounding views.

Dublin, Ireland

The Temple Bar district in Dublin Ireland for travel blog Brads Backpack

With the crowds starting to die down due to the start of the school year in the UK, September is a fantastic month to visit Dublin. It’s often the driest month leaving you to explore the city at its finest. Dublin has something for everyone, from stunning architecture in the city to beautiful wildlife in the country just a short train ride away. Of course you’re always spoiled for choice with bars offering freshly brewed Guinness directly from the Storehouse and live music. But September sees the start of the Dublin Fringe Festival, where hundreds of artists make their way to the capital to perform. Visiting during the two week festival will leave you with a song in your heart, memories that last a lifetime and more than a belly full of Guinness.

Bali, Indonesia

Tourists bathing in the waters of Tirta Empul Temple in Bali, Indonesia on a post about temple etiquette

Bali is a tropical paradise year-round, In fact I’m currently posting this whilst in there. But September offers favourable weather with lower chances of rain. Enjoy the pristine beaches, lush rice terraces, and vibrant culture. Head to the Rice Fields and enjoy taking Instagram-worth pics on the swings. If you’re brave enough, travel across a bike on a skywire. There are waterfalls to explore, and cocktails to be enjoyed. And if that all sounds like too much then massages and spas are incredibly cheap here.

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