Water To Go Active Review

Water to Go Active Water Bottle and filter

Water To Go Active: Our Verdict

Water To Go Active Star Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


  • Clean, safe drinking water
  • Long lasting water filter


  • No temperature regulation
  • Standard style

Technical Details

Main Materials

BPA free plastic




22cm x 22cm

Filter Lifespan

200 Litres


Comes in 600ml and 750ml sizes

Where to buy

The link below will take you to Amazon if you would like to purchase the Water to Go Active sports bottle. Purchasing through the link wont cost you any extra, but will mean I may earn comission which will help me support the blog.

Water To Go Active: First Impressions

Water to Go Active Water Bottle and filter

So it’s not often I get a live demonstration with a capability of a product, but that’s how I was introduced to the Water to Go Active bottle. I went to the Destinations Travel show when I bumped into their stall. They were demonstrating the filter when I got chatting to them and offered me a bottle to test on here. As always I promised that when I would review the product, I would be thorough and give my honest opinion. 

This filter came in massively useful not only when I travelled across Bali, but also at my gym. I used to use this bottle without the filter. But then I saw someone sucking directly from the tap at the water bottle refill station. So now the filter stays on at all times.


When travelling I do tend to prefer metal water bottles due to their ability to keep my drinks cold, I can get around this though I just have to remember to grab some ice cubes if I want my drink to stay cold a bit longer. It’s not ideal, but I would take the filter ability over thermal regulation anyday. Comfort is great but health is always the priority. 

So I’ve been using the Water to Go Active for a few months now. I like the fact it’s lightweight and fits in my bag easily. Drinking from it can be a little bit slow, I have a bad habit of gulping down my drinks when I am really thirsty. But the introduction of the air valve helps the flow a lot and you can squeeze the bottle to make it even easier. 

If you know you don’t need your water filtered, then the filter itself is removable. This would be great for cyclists who are riding in areas they know where they can get a safe refill, and want to add energy powders or electrolytes to their drink. The filter is attached to the lid so simply unscrew to remove and then you can use it as a normal bottle without the filter removing any additions.

Last year I hiked through the Lake District, and there are times this would have been so handy. Instead of carrying loads of water on my back, I could have taken this bottle and just topped myself up along the walk. It would have saved me kilos off my pack weight and made the day so much easier.

Design & Aesthetics

In terms of look it’s pretty standard. It does look like any another sports bottle you could find anywhere. But you wouldn’t be being a bottle like this for its looks.

All the colour options are near identical, with the bottles being a smokey black colour. The only difference being the colour of the text and banding on the top and bottom. So there isn’t a lot of choice for the style conscious but if you cycle or travel together in a group then it’s great for being able to tell whose bottle is whose.


Water to Go Active Water Bottle and filter

They were demonstrating the Water to Go Active by filling the bottle with filthy water, before pouring crystal clear water out of the spout and into a shot glass before drinking it. Now that is a show of faith in a product. I was handed a shot glass myself for a taste test. It tastes better than bottled water, I honestly couldn’t believe that the same water I was drinking had dirt and straw floating in it seconds before. 

The bottle can filter out a minimum of 99.99% of harmful viruses, bacteria and microorganisms. It can even filter out heavy metals, parasites and microplastics turning almost any water source into pure drinkable water. It does this by combining three different technologies, one traditional and two nano, to filter contaminants. These include Mechanical, Electrical (by a positive charge) and Activated Carbon to make your water safe. You must make sure to use freshwater sources though, as the filter does not work on saltwater.

Filter Activation

It’s important to remember to activate your filter before drinking. This is easy to do, simply fill the water bottle up and stand it on its lid so the filter is submerged and leave for 15 minutes. Once that’s over gently squeeze the water out so it travels through the filter. After that it’s good to go, you may find a few black granules in your water just after, this is just some activated carbon and is perfectly safe to drink but you can filter it one more time for peace of mind.

Filter Deactivation

If you don’t intend on using your filter for a few months, you can “deactivate” it. Simply remove from the water bottle, place in a bowl and leave to dry. It’s almost like it is hibernating for the winter when you tend to carry coffee or hot chocolate instead of bottles of water.

Water to Go Active Filter Lifespan

Each Water to Go Active filter is good for 200L or two months of continuous use. You can safely deactivate and reactivate the filter three times. So if you plan on going travelling with this bottle it’s highly unlikely you need to bring spare filters and just replace them when you return.


When I consider price I have looked at it from two perspectives. If I compare it to other water bottles, then yes it is expensive. But if you compare it to traditional water filters then it’s pretty reasonable. Considering a lot of filters require pumping and still another water bottle to even hold the water, I think this all in one solution is worth it. It’s long lasting, practical, and when the filter reaches the end of its lifetime you can buy a two pack and keep the bottle. The filters are universal, so if you and your friends buy from Water to Go, you can split a pack of filters between the two of you. 

Water to Go Active: Final Thoughts

Now since then I have been using the Water to Go Active in my everyday life, and I haven’t looked back. Although I will admit I have been drinking from the tap instead of muddy puddles. Later on this year I will be heading to Bali, and this bottle will be at the top of my packing list. I think that’s where this water bottle will be put to the test, not just when I’m abroad but we have all heard horror stories about airline water. If it can filter out that then this filter can survive anything.

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