Brecon Beacons

Visiting the Brecons Beacons

I came here on a last-minute booking and it has to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The Brecon Beacons is an area of outstanding natural beauty and the perfect place to visit. If you have grown tired of the city grind and want to escape from it all then I would highly recommend staying here for a few days.

The area really caters to nature lovers. During my short stay, I hiked its highest peak, Pen Y Fan, which offered beautiful views. That is if you don’t do what I did and visit on a cloudy day, in which case you won’t be able to see anything at the peak. Still having lunch in a cloud is still a beautiful, if chilly, experience. 

You are also able to walk beside stunning waterfalls on the Four Falls Trail. I love a waterfall and the route is perfect for everyone. It’s a relatively easy route and the steep sections are all staircased for ease.

I was also fortunate enough to explore caves that have been formed over thousands of years at Dan Yr Ogof. These were fascinating to explore although maybe not if you’re claustrophobic. With a second much larger cave with a waterfall inside that is used for weddings. Bizarrely, there exterior has the world’s largest collection of replica Dinosaurs. Not two activities I would have associated together, nor is it something I would have necessarily gone out of my way to do. But regardless it certainly gave me and my friend some entertainment. 

It’s recommended when you visit here that you can either drive yourself or visit with someone who can. There are long drives between tourist spots so having access to a car will make life a lot easier. 

The Cawdor Hotel

Make sure to eat in the local restaurants for some of the best food you will ever have. I stayed in the Cawdor hotel, a beautiful hotel in Llandeilo. Due to my last minute booking, the Cawdor only had a suite remaining. What we didn’t realise when we arrived is that particular suite happened to be the Bridal Suite. I personally found this hilarious and it just created a memory that me and my friend still tease each other about years later. Usually when I have hotel food it’s just ok, but I loved eating here and was excited about every meal. The majority of food is locally grown and tastes incredible. The breakfast was exactly what you needed before a day of hiking, and the dinners were the perfect treat. Having to only walk a couple of flights of stairs with sore legs is a big plus too. You can find a brewery just down the road you have to try the local lager too. They supply the Cawdors bar which is nice and cosy for a few drinks 

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