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Lisbon City Yellow Tram

When looking at photos of Lisbon, it won’t take long to see a picture of their iconic trams. Having commuted by train for years to Central London, it’s pretty safe to say getting excited about public transport is a rarity for me. So when I say riding one of Lisbon’s iconic trams was non-negotiable, it is pretty clear it was a big deal for me. Unfortunately, not all my friends didn’t see the appeal, so it was left to just two of us to experience. So after a bland and disappointing lunch (top travel tip: never travel with a picky eater) we said our goodbyes and grabbed an Uber to the tram station.

Marim Moniz

If you want to get a tram there are two types to choose from, the most famous of which is the iconic yellow Remodelado or the more moden Articulado models. I wanted to ride the Remodelado and get the best views on the ride, it had been recommended I get the number 28 route. This isn’t one particular route but several, so make sure you check the tram to see where you will end up. There are multiple stops along the way and you can jump off whenever you’d like, but just be prepared to get a taxi or a tram back across the city. Our boarding point would be the very start of the route, Marim Moniz. 

We checked on the map when we arrived, two stops are next to one another, and it can be confusing. After waiting for a tram for what felt like ages at one, we discovered one was being used purely for disembarking passengers, and to embark you had to get on the next further along. This stop had a massive queue, which goes to show if you are the one standing alone, you’re probably in the wrong place.

Reluctantly, we joined the end of the (correct) queue. It is a long wait, taking us about an hour to get to the front. A new tram arrived every 7 minutes so at least the queue moved quickly. Although there are a lot of tuk-tuk drivers who will approach you offering their services and private tours. These are a lot of fun to do, I had already done one the same morning. It is another fantastic way of exploring Lisbon, I booked it through Get Your Guide myself. If you fancy doing a tuk-tuk tour too, I have attached a booking tool below. It is an affiliate link, by booking through it I will receive a commission and it helps support the blog.

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Queuing for the Tram

It took me the best part of an hour to reach the front of the queue. I didn’t mind this so much as the street is lined with bakeries or convenience stores for you to pick up a snack or drink whilst you wait (just make sure you’re with someone to save your space in the queue). 


When I boarded, it was amazing to see just how beautiful the interior of the Tram itself still was. They aren’t ornate or overcomplicated, and they are old, but they are beautifully simplistic with their rustic charm. It’s clear they have been treated well over the years, by both locals and tourists (which is nice for a change). If this was in Britain, there would be a beer bottle rolling around and graffiti carved into the wooden seats.

Top Tram Tips

If you want the best views on your tram ride, you must pick your seats wisely. I sat on the right-hand side of the tram, and that was my biggest mistake. I realised this within minutes of the tram setting off, as one side had beautiful panoramic views as we made our way down the hillside. My side, however, was just a solid brick wall for my entire journey. I didn’t mind so much as I had pretty much completed the same route earlier that day when I had a tuk-tuk tour of Lisbon, but it was a little disappointing.

I didn’t realise until the tram started moving, but Marim Moniz was the only station with a queue. The next stop had two people waiting there and the driver had made sure not to overcrowd the tram so there was room for them to board. They didn’t have a seat but arguably they had a better view than I did. It’s easy to forget that this Tram is first and foremost for the locals. They use it to commute, go shopping or just get across the city themselves. Which is why not everyone stays on until the end and jumps on further up the line. If you don’t fancy queuing and you don’t care about seeing every stop.on the tram, you can jump on at another stop and it will be a lot quicker for you.

Disembarking from the Tram

You can get off at any stop you feel like when riding the Trams. Largo das Portas do Sol is a beautiful spot but fairly early on in the route so won’t give you much time on the Tram. We had planned to get off at the R. Conceição stop to reunite with our group. We chose here as its right by the Arco da Rua Augusta and Praça do Comércio, two beautiful attractions in Portugal. Our timing could not have been any better, it was December and the sun was setting. There is a beautiful spot to watch the sun go down right by the waters edge. And since it was Christmas time once we had captured photos of the sunset, a few seconds later we had another show in the form of the Christmas tree lighting up.

Lisbon Trams FAQ’s

What are the top tips for riding the trams? 

Get a seat on the left side for the best views. And if you don’t want to queue then jump on at a stop further down the line.

Where should I go next?

I got off at the R. Conceição stop right by the Arco da Rua Augusta and Praça do Comércio. We timed it perfectly so we arrived just as the sun began to set in the distance. There are loads of restaurants here if you want dinner or fancy some shopping. You can also check my widget below for the latest activities in Lisbon. If you book an activity with Get Your Guide I will relieve a commission which helps support the blog.

How do I pay for trams in Lisbon?

I ended up buying my ticket as I boarded the tram. We had a panic in the queue when we realised it was cash only and we only had cards. There are a few cash machines nearby but some charge a withdrawal fee so try to plan in advance.

Are the Trams in Lisbon cash only?

The trams only accept cash or using a pass. You can purchase a City Card using the affiliate link below which not only provides free access to the public transport system, but you also get discounts to landmarks and free admission to top attractions.

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