Time Out Lisboa: A Traveler’s Food Adventure

TimeOut Lisboa Sign

I love heading to new restaurants when I travel. Although in all fairness what travel lover doesn’t? Whether it’s a new dish, or a classic favourite done to perfection. Good food always makes a holiday highlight. Since a few people I was travelling with were fussy eaters, I managed to use this as the perfect excuse to visit the Time Out Lisboa Food Market.

With over 50 different restaurants to choose from, offering everything from steaks and fish, to pastries and gelato. I thought it would be impossible not to find something they’d enjoy here. We had just been at the Cais dad Colunas enjoying the sunset when we started to get hungry. It was a walkable distance, so we set off. What should have been a 25 minute walk took us 90, as we stopped for coffees on the way. As well as dipping into various souvenir shops so they could find trinkets to bring home. 

We arrived at Time Out Market Lisboa to what at first we thought was a back entrance, but the market has a few corridors outlining the main interior. We headed inside to see it packed. Worried we wouldn’t all be able to sit together, our first mission was to grab seats. Soon enough we saw a group grabbing their bags so we did that hover where we didn’t want to rush then but we were close enough to grab the stools as soon as they left. 

Sizzling Steaks

Now with a base, we started to go off in shifts. A few of my friends had already decided what cuisine they were going for, but I wanted to browse. I did a lap, checking out everything from starters to desserts. Looking over the steaks and burgers as well as the fish and pastries. I was spoilt for choice. Despite walking an entire lap, I opted for Cafe De Sao Bento. They boldly claimed to have the best steak in Lisbon, conveniently right behind where I was sitting. 

Time Out Lisboa Steak in sauce

I had it in a cream cheese sauce, a first for me. It was good, although I wouldn’t have said it beat Galatos steak from the day before. And it certainly will never replace my favourite Peppercorn sauce. My friend was more adventurous, and ordered the Octopus salad from the neighbouring stall. And I had to admit I was jealous. I was allowed to sample a bit from her plate and I wouldn’t admit this to her face, but she made the far superior choice.

Of course I needed a dessert to finish my meal, and there was no way I was going to leave Time Out Lisboa without trying one. So naturally I ventured out to a few places. It was my final night in Lisbon, and I intended to make the most of it. I treated myself to a Bolo from Nós é Mais Bolos. I’d never had a Bolo before, but believe me when I sat down at the table I was the envy of my friends. Everyone wanted a piece, unfortunately for them they were bite-sized, and I’d gotten the last of them. I chose the Oreo flavour, and they were certainly the best dessert. My only regret was buying the last of them, as I wanted to go back and buy a box for the uber home.

Beautiful Bolos

Oreo Bolos from Nos es Mais Bolos at Time Out Lisboa

Drinks can be found in the middle of the hall, with a variety of options. For the Aperol Spritz lover they even have their own dedicated stand. I went to Time Outs’ own bar at the end, and treated myself to my favourite drink. Spiced rum and coke cola, they had a long list of rums to choose from, so I went for the bartender’s recommendation. 

The unfortunate thing about the Time Out Lisboa Hall is that serving times can be slow. So I felt like I spent a lot of my time in queues. Getting a drink was certainly the longest wait, so I did my best to savour it until my meal was ready. After my meal it was time to go. Unfortunately the experience was soured here. As we walked outside to meet our Uber, no less than three men approached us in an attempt to sell drugs. Luckily our Uber was quick to arrive, but it was only a short walk around the building to the dedicated Uber point. But it tainted the nice warm feeling a good meal brings with a feeling of unease. 

Would I recommend the Time Out Market Lisboa? absolutely. It’s a fantastic place, and I am sure I just got unlucky with drug dealers approaching us. If I was to do it again, maybe come during lunch time instead. I’m sure it would not only be a lot less busy, and it’ll be less like to have the sort of crowd you want to avoid when travelling. 

Time Out Lisboa FAQ’s

What is the best food at Time Out Lisboa?

This is entirely going to be down to preference. But its hard to go wrong with your options here. Treat yourself, try something new and see what you discover. If you’re travelling with a group of friends Why not all order different dishes and try a bit of everything?

What can I do at the Time Out Lisboa?

Eat, drink and make memories with friends. It has great vibes to chill with your favourite drink and share stories. Why not all order different dishes and try a bit of everything, 

What is Time Out Lisboa?

Time Out Lisboa is just opposite the Cais do Sodré train station. Making it easy to visit and explore regardless of where you stay in Lisbon.

How can I get here?

Personally I walked here from Praça do Comércio public square. It’s really accessible and a lovely walk, I detoured along pink street to check that out too. There are a few Uber drop off / pick up spots just outside though if your feet are tired from a day of urban exploring. It’s also opposite the Cais do Sodré train station. 

What should I do next in Lisbon?

Lisbon if full of amazing activities you can book with Get Your Guide. By booking through the link you wont be charged any extra but I may receive a commission which helps support the blog.

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