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TAU 2: Our Verdict

TAU 2 Star Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.


  • Higher Capacity than the original TAU
  • Built-in cables
  • Sherr.it Platform


  • Short cables aren’t ideal for passthrough

Technical Details

Main Materials


56mm x 43mm x19mm





Available colours

Black / White / Green

Where to buy

The link below will take you to Rolling Squares Website where you can purchase your own TAU 2 and other great products. By clicking the link and using the code “BradsBackpack20” I will receive commission, and you will get 20% off your first purchase.

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Rolling Square TAU 2: The Review

I was a big fan of the original TAU when it released, so when Rolling Square announced they were upgrading it with the TAU 2 and were sending me on to review I was delighted. Rolling Square made some fantastic products for Digital Nomads, and although the TAU may have fallen short for travellers it was still a great piece of EDC. But it seems some of the issues with the older model have been addressed and may be something you want to consider. 

In the interest of disclosure, this was a gifted product from Rolling Square and this article does include affiliate links. This does not affect the review and all opinions are my own.

Charging Capacity

Charging is of course the main feature of any power bank. The TAU 2 is thicker to accommodate an extra 800mAh, taking it to 2,000mAh. This is a much needed boost, if i need an emergency charge I want to get as much as possible to avoid low battery anxiety. Especially as most likely this charge will have to last me until I get to a plug socket. 

Integrated Cables

The TAU 2 has the same integrated cables that I loved in the original TAU, this time though instead of being tucked into the charger itself and tricky to get out, they are now inside a cover. Now when you want to use your TAU 2 you can completely remove it from the keyring, So when you are charging your phone you don’t have your keys dangling and on display for the world to see. It’s a small but handy improvement, I didn’t find this a huge issue with the TAU but that was because I used a S-Biner Microlock to attach it to my keys, making it easy to remove when I needed a charge.


So the TAU 2 is slightly more compact than its older sibling, but is over 1.5x thicker. It still has a sleek and compact form and you wouldn’t have an issue with it on your keys. The extra thickness isn’t an issue to me at all and means it can pack an extra 800mAh so it’s a trade-off that pays dividends in practicality. 


I had a few issues with the charging dock on the TAU. The main one being that the dock was the only way to charge the TAU. Making it suitable for one use when travelling and then useless until you get home. Now the TAU 2 can be charged without the dock. The USB C cable works for both input and output. Meaning You can take it with you without the dock and keep using it. 

Charging Dock

The charging dock itself has had a facelift too. Now it supports USB-C cables (and in this day and age shouldn’t everything?) but it’s also just over a third of the size of the original dock. It’s easy to mount using the stickers and stays in place with my keys so there isn’t any risk of falling.

Passthrough Charging

With the newly added input charging by USB C, the TAU 2 allows for passthrough charging. So providing you are charging an iPhone or Micro USB device you can use both of the TAU 2 cables to charge itself and the device simultaneously.

This is a great feature but realistically won’t get a lot of use from me. All of my devices are USB C and so I won’t be able to use it often. The cables are so short unless it’s a socket above a table its not entirely practical either.


What I love is how they have integrated their Sherr.It platform into the TAU 2. Using NFC or an optional QR code you can share your contact information. In the event you lose your keys you can set them to lost mode. So if anyone scans them they will be notified with instructions on how to reunite them with you. I always forget business cards but I never forget my keys. Setting it up was really easy. Just a simple scan takes you to sign on to the Sherr.it platform and allows you to log in.

TAU 2 Final Thoughts

My TAU came with me everywhere, and itenven became a few gifts for my friends. The TAU 2 will continue that tried. It’s taken what made its predecessor so successful and innovated. With a more charge and the NFC business card is a lightweight bit of EDC to add to your kit.

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