Rolling Square Pocket Travel Charger Review

Rolling Square Pocket Travel Charger for review in UK setting

Rolling Square Pocket Travel Charger: Our Verdict

Rolling Square Pocket Travel Charger Star Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.


  • Pocket sized
  • 130+ Countries


  • USB A only

Technical Details


25.3cm x 18.5cm x 7.7cm



Main Materials


Max Charging Speeds


Where to buy

The link below will take you to Rolling Squares Website where you can purchase great products from Rolling Square. If you click the link and use the code “BradsBackpack20” you will get 20% off your first purchase. I will receive a commission which helps support this blog.

Rolling Square Pocket Travel Charger: First Impressions

I purchased the Rolling Square Pocket Travel Charger myself when I received an email about an Amazon drop shortly before my departure to Bali and Singapore. Both of these countries require different plug sockets so having with me a multi-country adaptor just made sense. Sensing this was the perfect time for the review, I grabbed one on the drop and packed it away for my flight. I find these are always handy to have anyway as it means you can use the same plug in your home airport and your destination.

For full disclosure I have purchased this myself and any review is my own. Time to time I am sent products to review but I never let this sway my opinion on the product itself. 

Switching Countries

Switching countries is so easy to do. It has two sliders, one on each side. The first brings out rounded connections for your trips to Europe. Whilst the other brings out the more square style seen in the US. The US adaptations can be rotated so it works in Australia and New Zealand too. If you’re in the UK you can use the European connections and a third support arm just flips out of the tip. It takes less than a second to adapt to your country and when not in use folds down into a neat package.


I found the Rolling Square Pocket Travel Charger really easy to use. It’s really convenient that it can accept USB A and USB C cables directly. But capable of 20w that meant it can only handle smaller gadgets. There was no hope of charging a laptop through it. Still considering I’m travelling and I make it a rule to spend as little time as possible in the room. That means the majority of my charging will be charging overnight. Being so small and packable that has come at the cost of being able to use main plugs. So its usage is restricted to purely smaller gadgets..

Charging Speeds

The Rolling Square Pocket Travel Charger is capable of 20w charging. This seems to be the middle of the road for phone charging. It will do the job but realistically I tend to look for around 45w as a minimum. This allows me to charge my more power hungry devices quicker. Not the best if you only have a short time for a quick boost. But if you are charging overnight then it’s perfectly fine. At 20w I’m not sure how confident I would be charging more than one a time. And I worked out on average there were 3 things per night that needed a charge. My phone, camera and battery pack.


It’s one of the smallest and lightest universal adapters I’ve come across. Of course that has come at the cost of being able to use traditional plugs but the majority of gadgets use USB A or C nowadays so I didn’t find that a huge issue. It is primarily designed for those who travel light, and need to charge a maximum of two gadgets overnight. If you are travelling with carry-on only then it’s a godsend. I took this with me across my recent trip to Bali and Singapore but I did bring an extra with me that could handle standard plugs. With my upcoming trip to Bucharest as its a short weekend with carry-on only I will definitely be bringing just this.

Rolling Square Pocket Travel Charger: Final Thoughts

I really like the Rolling Square Pocket Travel Charger. It’s great for minimalists which is exactly what the Rolling Square brand is all about. I perhaps wouldn’t use it on longer trips, or I’d use it in conjunction with another. However for city breaks it’s absolutely perfect. I also found it great for that little plug socket they provide on long haul planes, with it barely taking any space in my carry-on.

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