Rambler Can Insulator Review

Yeti Rambler Can Insulator Review

Yeti Rambler Can Insulator: Our Verdict

Yeti Rambler Can Insulator Star Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.


  • Keeps canned drinks cold
  • Lots of colour options


  • No seal

Technical Details

Main Materials

Steel and Plastic


7.9 x 7.9 x 12.4 cm



Where to buy Yeti Rambler 12 oz. Can Insulator

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Yeti Rambler Can Insulator: The Review

I bought this initially last summer because I love a cold can of coke or fanta when it’s hot. I don’t like to down drinks in one go, but I often found by the time I returned to them it would be hot from the sun. So I tried to find ways to keep it cool and fresh. I initially tried one of my other insulated bottles, but those have a screw on top which builds up pressure, something I learnt the hard way when I filled it with Cola and it exploded everywhere when I opened it next. So I started to look into options for keeping cans cold, and making the summer heat a little bit more bearable.

First Impressions

It looks nice enough, nothing too impressive. It has the standard Yeti look which is really clean. I chose to get it in Glacier White, which I really like. The design is really simple, you just insert your can of choice and then screw the plastic cover on. I was really struggling with the blistering heat when I ordered it, so anything that would help keep my drinks colder for longer, especially after I have left it in the sun to attended to the BBQ. I went for the 330ml version as I prefer soft drinks over beer and it is more suited to those standardised cans.


It adds a bit of thickness to your can but doesn’t really cause any issues when using. Drinking feels perfectly fine, it doesn’t affect the experience at all. I have found the extra thickness to cause an issue in my car, as it doesn’t fit into all of the cupholders. There is one that is slightly larger and it  just about fits in there, but it isn’t in the best of positions. 

Drink Sizes

So nowadays cans come in all shapes and sizes, so you have to pick up a Colster that fits what you primarily drink. I went for the 330ml as its the most common can size, and I tend to prefer soft drinks over beers. But there are other size options available, including a 330ml slim, 250ml, and a 16oz (475ml) more suitable for beer cans.

Keeping drinks cold

It has a double-walled vacuum insulation design which helps keep heat out. But this won’t keep drinks as cold as most insulating cups. This is mostly down to the fact the top is uncovered, allowing the drinks to be heated. It does keep my cans colder for significantly longer and the lack of a seal makes it ideal for carbonated drinks.


Travel products are useless if you can’t take them anywhere. Now the Yeti Rambler 330ml Colster isn’t a product I would necessarily take with me on every trip. But if I was heading to a villa to have a relaxed break, or a glamping pod, then I would definitely consider bringing it. It is really easy to pack. Although it may initially look bulky, because of its open design you can easily store things inside.

Colour Options

Yeti’s are practically known for their colour options. They come in so many different colours that you can get one to fit any aesthetic. I went for the White option as I love how clean it looked, but it was tough to decide. With the Khaki and Navy coming close to being my favourite. If you had a few friends you could all get different colours at a party, keep your drinks cold and there’ll be no confusion on whose drink is whose. 

Yeti Rambler Can Insulator: Final Thoughts

This is a fantastic accessory especially with summer on the way. Nothing brings more disappointment than reaching for a refreshing drink only to find it hot from the sun. Have I had a few funny looks for going over the top to keep my cans cold? Maybe. But is it worth it? absolutely. 

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