Nano X Shimmer Diffussion Filter

K&F Concept Shimmer Filter in packaging

Nano X Shimmer Diffusion Filter: Our Verdict

Nano X Shimmer Diffusion Filter Star Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


  • Lightweight
  • Can fit all sizes with the step up rings


  • Subtle changes

Technical Details

Main Materials

Aliminium and glass



Where to buy a Nano X Shimmer Diffusion Filter

Nano X Shimmer Diffusion Filter: The Review

I haven’t used different types of filters before, only really graduating to a Mirrorless over a year ago. I have mostly focused on getting competent with my different lenses first. But K&F Concept gifted this lens for me to test, so I took it as an opportunity to learn.

As always with gifted products I will give a full and honest review. All opinions expressed in this article are my own and whether I paid for or was gifted the product does not affect what I say during this post.

First Impressions

So before using it I did some research so I knew what to expect. It seems like a great addition to my growing kit. I love taking portraits when I travel, and I love a soft effect on my images so I would happily carry this with me on my travels.

This Shimmer Diffusion filter is part of K&F ’s Nano X series, making it one of their premium lenses. It comes in a solid plastic case which adds some protection when it’s not in use. The lens itself feels like it’s solid and quality construction. I’m writing this as I just received it, and in a few weeks I have a photo studio booked so I’ll be putting it to the test then.


It is really easy to put on and remove, all you have to do is screw and the threads align. The Filter comes in multiple sizes though so either make sure you have the right one for your lens or get step-up step-down rings. The step-up rings are sold seperately but a great investment. For a fraction of the cost of a new filter you can fit one on every one of your lenses.

K&F Concept Step Up Rings


My recommendation is to get the size that fits your biggest lens and just carry Step-up rings. It’s less equipment to carry and lenses will always work great with filters that’s bigger. I got a 67mm filter as it fits perfectly on my 85mm lens, but due to the studio size I used my 50mm lens and Step-up rings which you can see pictured.  The step-up rings are helpful for fitting it on all my other lenses. However considering I rarely use my 85mm I think I should have gotten the size that fits the lens I use the most for ease.

Shimmer Diffusion Performance

The shimmer diffusion lens is designed to create soft glowing highlights in your images whilst retaining sharpness. It can also lower and soften contrast, which works really well on skin. 

To test this filter I took it to a photo studio and with the help of my friend Klodi offering to model took some photos. The idea being I can replicate the same image with the Nano X Shimmer Diffusion Filter and with a standard UV. We kept everything the same, same pose, same location, same lighting, same model. Giving side by side comparisons that you can see for yourself. Both images are JPEGs with zero editing done to them, allowing you to compare purely the filters performance. 

Final Thoughts

It’s a great addition to any photographer’s kit. I am primarily a travel photographer but I wouldn’t hesitate to carry this with me. I’d be interested to see how it performs on sunsets and sunrises. And it being so lightweight it’ll definitely be coming with me on my next trip and I’ll make sure to update this review then. 

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