Mac in a Sac Origin Review

Mac in a sac in a stow bag for a review on Brad's Backpack Travel blog

Mac in a Sac Origin: Our Verdict

Mac in a Sac Origin Star Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


  • Lots of styles and designs
  • Lightweight
  • Packable
  • Highly waterproof


  • Would prefer a larger hood

Technical Details


10,000 mm


8,000 gsm


Varies by size, but XXL is 300g

Main Materials


Mac in a Sac Origin: Where to buy

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Mac in a Sac Origin: First Impressions

I found Mac in the Sac whilst at the National Outdoor Expo this year. I’d been looking at upgrading my lightweight raincoat for a while. For years I’d been using a Montane jacket which although thick and really waterproof took up a lot of space in my pack. As I commute to and from London and hate umbrellas, I usually leave a rain jacket in my bag. Too many times have I woken up to a bright and sunny morning only to find a dark cloud hanging over London when I arrived. So the Mac in a Sac stand really caught my attention.

My Mac in a Sac Origin got its first outing in Dublin. My phone assured me I was guaranteed a weekend of rain, not great, but silver linings meant I could test my jacket. But I didn’t get a drop. That did mean I got to test the packability of it though as I still carried it with me the entire time. Since then I’ve carried it with me on every trip or commute, and London hasn’t let me down by providing me with ample rain to test it in.


Arguably the most important feature of a waterproof jacket. Every Mac in a Sac Origin jacket is rated for 10,000mm. I find it surprising how well the jacket is waterproofed considering how thin the material is. For context anything between 5,000 to 10,000mm is ideal for those spending long days out in the mountains in all weather conditions. So Mac in a Sac’s Origin sits at the very top of that tier. You would only want a higher rating in wetter climates or if you are doing snowsports. The Mac in a Sac Origin Jacket achieves this with features like fully tapered seams, elasticated cuffs and a YKK zip. Any potential area that could allow water to breach has been addressed to maximise its waterproofness.


Brad modelling the Mac in a Sac for a review on the Brad's Backpack Travel Blog

I love the variety of designs that Mac in a Sac offers. You can have bright flashy colours that help you stand out from the crowd (or even in the mountains) or go for cool patterns and colour schemes. I went for the Black Camo pattern with bright orange zips which I love. The bright colours are great too but I prefer those for hiking so I can be visible for safety reasons. Design is a personal choice though and I challenge anybody to look and not find one they don’t love.


Some features in the design that I think is a great idea is the attention to visibility. A lot of waterproof clothing is designed with mountains in mind, so they go for bright colours. Mac in a Sac’s Origin jackets aren’t all as bright (although there are some exceptions) but they still make sure to include safety features like fluorescent zips. They look really cool on the jacket, I love the orange zips on my camo jacket. But they are practical too, keeping me visible to cars when I’m walking on country lanes or in towns. Of course they aren’t going to be as visible as the neon pink or yellow jackets, but it’s a compromise with those who want safety with style.

Wearing the Mac in a Sac Origin

So I have chosen a jacket instead of an actual poncho simply because I prefer the zip. Mac in a Sac have designed the Origin to be layered so it does fit really comfortably. I have worn it over regular day-to-day clothes in the city and bulkier jumpers when outdoors. Its thinness really makes it easy to put on and take off quickly. It’s got nice and deep pockets if you need quick access to anything.

One of the issues I’ve faced is that I tend to use it during my commute. I always have my over ear headphones on when I’m travelling on my own. The hood fits snuggly so my face is a bit exposed to the elements if I’m wearing a pair. But thats an issue im causing myself and its really comfy with earbuds. Not an issue if you want it for purely outdoor pursuits. But I still think the addition of a brim or a little more leeway in the sizing would be an improvement in the future. My main usage so far has been on walks in the city so for me I nearly always have to have music playing. Hey just because the weather’s miserable doesn’t mean I have to be right?


So Mac in a Sac provides a storage sac for the jacket (hence the name) and I do like how much easier this makes it to carry. The bag itself is quite small and condensed, in a ruck sack it takes up barely any space at all. When I have a day out doing photography it takes up the same size as one of my larger len pouches. My photography bag is quite small so that does account for 25% of the space, but it’s a sacrifice I’m happy to make. It’s really light too, I don’t even notice the extra weight.

The Sac

Mac in a sac in a stow bag for a review on Brad's Backpack Travel blog

The sac makes it a lot easier to grab in a hurry when the elements start to open. When my old jacket was loose it would be pushed to the very bottom of the bag. As I pulled it out it would catch on every item and drag out half of my bag’s contents along with it. This sac isn’t attached to the jacket at all, so it’s best to tuck into your pocket when not in use. Due to getting scrapes in my bag after a few months the printing has started to come off the sac but there’s been nothing that would affect its performance.

Mac in a Sac Origin: Final Thoughts

It may be on the larger side but I think some form of rain protection is an invaluable bit of EDC. It’s not great turning up to a meeting, event or even a date soaking wet. So having one of these is great for emergencies and everyday use. It’s frustrating having to carry around a rain jacket when the sun decides to return. So with the Mac in a Sac you can easily just tuck it away and forget until the next storm. With it being so practical and offering so many styles and colours, there’s no good reason why you shouldn’t have one. Leave it in your bag like I do, or have it in the boot of your car in case the weather changes during your drive. It takes up a tiny amount of space so you’ll be grateful you brought it when the heavens open.

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