K6R Safety Keychain Review

Ledlenser K6R torch for a review

K6R Safety Keychain: Our Verdict

K6R Safety Keychain Star Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.


  • Built-in USB Charging
  • Safety alarm


  • No red light

Technical Details


3.0cm x 6.6cm x 1.4cm



Main Materials



80m Max – 15m Min

Max Light Range

400m, 200m, and 20m

Battery Life

1.5 to 8 hours

Where to buy

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K6R Safety Keychain: First Impressions

I saw the Ledlenser K6R Safety Keychain advertised when I attended the National Outdoor Expo in 2023. I picked this up as it advertised itself to be the perfect travel accessory, it was bright, lightweight, and had a safety feature I thought would be really beneficial. From my first impressions it seems to live up to this so far. It does seem to be a little bit bulky but is still lightweight, but that bulk does make it comfortable to hold as it fits perfectly in your hand.


The K6R Safety Keychain is made of a mixture of aluminium and tough plastic, making it more than capable of being bashed around in your bag. It does feel solid, so if something heavy crushed it in the bag, or it was at the bottom when you threw your bag on the floor, I’m confident it would be fine.


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Size certainly does not hold this torch back in its performance as it is more than bright enough. Realistically this isn’t going to be a torch you go out into the wilderness with, but at 20 lumens it’s more than enough for searching your bag, and at 200 lumens perfect for dark streets and car parks. It can go up to 400 lumens in an emergency, but there’s no set time for how long the battery can last on this setting and it does heat up quickly. Leave this mode for emergencies or short bursts to prolong the battery life between charges.


Being keychain sized, the K6R review safety keychain is small but mighty. It’s lightweight and doesn’t take up too much bulk. Personally I wouldn’t want this on my keys day to day, but when travelling it’s definitely handy. I would prefer to clip it onto the straps on my backpack, or onto the zipper using a Niteize Mini Carabiner. It is impressive how Ledlenser has managed to pack so much into such a small space. The total size fits into the palm of my hands. I just prefer to keep my keychains sleek and minimal, so I would clip it elsewhere.

Safety Alarm

The K6R Safety Keychain comes equipped with a safety alarm that can be easily activated. When triggered it lets out a piercing alarm that will draw attention. You can use this when out in the wilderness to attract help in an emergency. Much easier than blowing constantly on a whistle and hoping someones nearby. In an urban environment this is perfect for raising an alarm to attract attention and hopefully dissuade any attackers.


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It’s nice and easy, with just one button to use. If you want to activate the alarm you can pull the cord. What I really like about the design is having the USB connection built into the case. When not in use it covers the button whilst still allowing it to be used, but when you need to charge it folds out and allows you to plug the torch directly into the outlet. This is great as it means one less cable to carry, but if you are charging using a multi-USB charger it will block the other outlets.

K6R Safety Keychain: Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt a torch is a travel essential. I really liked the K6R Safety Keychain because real thought has been put into its usage and accessories. In a small package they have included the ability to charge without a cable, a torch that’s bright enough to be practical even outdoors, and a safety alarm loud enough to get attention. It manages to pack all of these features in a neat package that fits into the palm of my hand.

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