Gravel Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles Review

Gravel Travel Bottles product review

Gravel Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles: Our Verdict

Gravel Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles Star Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


  • Built in adjustable labels
  • Stackable design stops space wastage


  • No smaller sizes
  • Corners are difficult to clean

Technical Details

Dimensions (Stacked together)

9.5 x 5.1 x 3.8 cm



Main Materials


Where to buy

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Gravel Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles: The Review

I bought the Gravel Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles because I loved their stackable design. I was getting quite annoyed trying to fit more than one of the traditionally shaped bulbous liquid bottles into my dopp kit. 

I also wanted something I could easily label. I had been accidentally using conditioner at the gym instead of shampoo, thanks to their identical bottles and colour. I purchased this Gravel two pack as it matched what I was searching for, so I was looking forward to giving it a test.


The Gravel Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles come in two colours, black and white. Although on their website Honey and Glacier colours are available. Both sets are with a gravel pattern (makes sense with the brand name). I like the colour differentiation as it’s an easy way to differentiate between the two, especially if you’re in the shower and get soap in your eyes. But they do also include labels in the caps. The others I have used in the past often come in a pack of identical looking containers so you have to remember which is which. 

The shape is a unique take that I think is great. They have really thought about how they can ensure you take as much of your liquid allowance as possible. The bottle’s capacity is clearly labelled on the bottom for any questioning agents at airport security. And for those fellow non-americans who also have no clue about oz, its ml equivalent is printed there too. Although I don’t blame them for using oz in the name, 3 oz is a snapper title thatn 89ml.


The interlocking design of the Gravel Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles: allows them to fit in without any wasted space between. Making them a lot more packable than traditional round or “bulb” shaped bottles. To demonstrate I have shown them next to my travel bottle from Boots. Believe it or not despite looking smaller the Gravel bottle can hold more, at 89ml compared to the Boots 80ml. 

Gravel Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles comparison with Boots travel bottle product review

This is where the unique shape comes at a detriment. It’s easy for the last bit of product to get stuck in the corners making it difficult to clean. I found the best way is to get a square of toilet paper pushed into the corners with my finger. But I tend to use my bottles for the gym as well as travel, and I tend to stick to the same products so I can just top up and don’t have to clean as often.


The Gravel Liquid Bottles have built-in labels! I love this and honestly believe all travel bottles should have this feature. The ones I have used in the past either have stick-on labels which are useless when you want to change its contents. Or they come with nothing at all. These labels are easy to change and stay in place. I found it easier to remove the nozzle and cap, set it to the correct label and then put it back on the bottle. A few are shortened to fit in, and there’s Shamp. (Shampoo), Cond. (Conditioner) Lotion, Soap, Sun (Sun Cream) and a blank section so you can add in your own.

Build Quality

Each container feels like it’s made of strong, quality materials. Since the lids are so easy to remove when I need to change the labels I was initially concerned about it coming apart when full. So I filled them up and gave them a test. With the lid closed I gave it quite a firm pull and it would not budge. I cannot imagine them going through anything worse during transit. I’d go as far to say if sealed properly there’s no way these are leaking in your bag.

Gravel Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles: Final Thoughts

I really like the Gravel 3oz Liquid Bottles. They are expensive but if you’re travelling for a long period then I think the investment is worth it. They are great for people like me who prefer to use their own toiletries at the gym or in the showers at work. Gravel has clearly tried to innovate in an industry that doesn’t get a lot of attention and it has come as a success. 

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