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Copenhagen Denmark Europe City Break Cherry Blossom
Copenhagen Denmark Know before you go Travel Tips

Know before you Go: Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the vibrant capital of Denmark, is a city where history meets modernity. Where centuries-old castles coexist with cutting-edge architecture, and where the cosy concept of “hygge” permeates every corner. I loved my journey to this enchanting city, and I want you to enjoy yours too. So in this guide, I have written down everything […]

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Singapore Skyline photo for brads backpack travel blog. Post is on what you need to know before you go to Singapore
Know before you go Singapore Travel Guide Travel Tips

Singapore City: Know before you go

Singapore is a densely packed city with so much to offer. You can find one of Asia’s most popular destinations just off the Southern Coast of Malaysia. Many tourists stop off here on the way to Indonesia, having a little city break before relaxing by the beach. With so much to offer to make the […]

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Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge Australia for travel blog Brads Backpack
Australia Know before you go Travel Guide Travel Tips

Australia: Know before you Go Guide

For as long as I can remember, Australia has been a haven for Backpackers. Each year with them packing up their backpacks and applying for their visas. Either to kick back and relax as they explore or to stay longer and work their way across the land. But as with any trip, preparation is key, […]

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Sunset it Rome Italy for travel blog Brad's Backpack
Italy Know before you go Rome Travel Guide

Know before you go: Rome Edition

1. Plan your visit in advance Rome is a city with a rich history and countless attractions. Plan your itinerary in advance to make the most of your time and ensure you don’t miss out on must-see sites. If you want to book any activities to make it even easier I have included a widget […]

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Iceland Aerial road on brads backpack travel blog
Iceland Know before you go Travel Guide Travel Tips

Know before you go: Iceland edition

If you want a country that has it all, Iceland is the place to go. Stunning landscapes, incredible food, relaxing lagoons and a sense of adventure. Iceland is a place that has something for everyone. But to get the most of your experience it’s worth knowing a few things. So with that heres everything you […]

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Northern Lights Green
Iceland Know before you go Travel Guide Travel Tips

The Northern Lights: Know before you go

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon that can be found on nearly every traveller’s bucket list. Thousands of tourists flock to Reykjavik each year hoping to grab a glimpse of this sight. But not everyone is so lucky. Solar storms on the sun are sending electrically charged particles towards the earth, most of these […]

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