Anker 735 (Nano II) Charger Review

Anker 735 Nano II GaN Prime Charger Review

Anker 735 (Nano II) Charger: Our Verdict

Anker 735 (Nano II) Charger Star Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


  • Multiple charge ports
  • Fast charging


  • Unever power distribution when charging multiple devices

Technical Details


3.8cm x 2.9cm x 6.6cm



Max Charging Speeds



x2 USB C, x1 USB A

Where to buy

You can also use the below button to purchase your own pair of Anker 735 (Nano II) Charger from Anker or Amazon. By purchasing through these links I may receive a commission which will go towards supporting the blog.

Anker 735 (Nano II): The Review

I consistently have a charger on hand, finding it more efficient than relying on power. Having a good charger for your phone is now as essential as a good phone case. Whether for work or travel, chargers have become indispensable in today’s world. A lot of people use the default chargers that come out of the box. But opting for a dedicated plug can significantly enhance charging speeds. Some models even support simultaneous charging for multiple devices making them a lot more efficient when travelling. I have used a lot of Anker electronics in the past, so I picked up a few to test, such as, Nano II and the 315.  


Now I am comparing this to the other three chargers I mentioned previously, but it’s definitely the biggest. That isn’t necessarily saying it is big as I think it’s still relatively compact. It is certainly a lot smaller than my UGreen 65w Four Port Charger. I think it’s a nice size though, benefitting from GaN parts to become more compact.


Anker 735 Nano II GaN Prime Charger Review

The Anker 735 has three outlets, two USB C and one USB A. For my usage that’s the perfect amount.  I rarely use the USB A but it means I don’t have to take a dedicated plug for the one device that needs it. Two USB C’s are great, it’s very rare I need more than two at one time. As often it’s just my phone or tablet I am charging together. 

Charging Speeds

65w is what this charger is capable of, and that is perfect for my devices. My phone is able to charge rapidly and it can support my laptops too. With its dual outlet I can charge my phone and laptop at the same time.

GaN Prime

GaN chargers are something that seems to be the next big thing in charging technology. It means it’s built with gallium nitride rather than silicone. Current flows faster through gallium nitride allowing it to reach faster charging speeds. By being more efficient it also operates cooler and is less likely to overheat. With less heat components can be closer together allowing for even smaller chargers, perfect for travel.

Anker 735 (Nano II): Final Thoughts

The Anker 735 is a fast and light charger, and one of my favourites. GaN chargers are a game changer and worth the upgrade to. Now they have been out for a few years and they are getting much more affordable and keep you chained to an outlet less.

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