1040 Micro Case

Peli 1040 Micro case review

Peli 1040 Micro Case: Our Verdict

1040 Micro Case Star Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


  • Great protection against drops and water


  • 2l capacity is limiting

Technical Details

Main Materials

Polycarbonate and Thermoplastic Rubber

Dimensions (Exterior)

19.1cm x 12.9cm x 5.4cm

Dimensions (Interior)

16.5cm x 9.8cm x 4.4cm





Available colours

Black / White

1040 Micro Case: Where to buy

The link below will take you to Amazon if you would like to purchase the Peli 1040 Micro Case. Purchasing through the link wont cost you any extra, but will mean I may earn comission which will help me support the blog.

1040 Micro Case: The Review

I wanted to get a case that would protect my most important items from water damage should the worst happen. My photos and videos from my journey are previous to me, so I try to back up to multiple locations. But the easiest and most important is my SSDs Sometimes they leave the house and some stay at home. But I wanted a rugged case to keep them safe and together. Just in case something should happen like a pipe burst or some other flooding, they will be safe regardless.

First Impressions

That led me to Peli. Peli has a reputation in the industry for providing cases that are trusted with hardware worth thousands of pounds. So if they are trusted with that I can trust them with my SSD. And on my first impression that reputation feels confirmed. It’s not too heavy, but it does have a little bit of weight that you get with a quality built product.


The Peli 1040 Micro Case is made of thick polycarbonate. The rubberised interior will protect it against knocks and doubles as an o-ring seal to protect against water. It has a firm lock to keep it in place and the o-lock sealed. The case itself feels durable and solid so I know it will keep the contents protected wherever I take it. 

Colour variances

The cases come in a variety of options, but there is a slight difference in the build between the clear and opaque lids. The opaque lids have an extra layer of foam on the top providing slightly more protection.  The opaque lids have hard plastic so if items are loose just be aware it may bang against it if the case rolls in your bag.


Peli 1040 Micro Case Interior

The 1040 is on the larger side of Peli’s Micro Case range. The smallest being their 1010 and the largest the 1060. At 2l Capacity it’s great for smaller items. I use it to protect my SSDs and keep them in here. Usually I leave it at home but if I’m going anywhere that water is a concern I’ll bring it along. I know many owners store their batteries in theirs. 

If you want to store larger items then you may want to look at other options or even the 1060. I have tried to fit my phone however it’s too large. So it wouldn’t be the best for a beach day. But as mentioned the Micro Case comes in a range of shapes and sizes, so pick one that is best for what you intend to protect. For my SSDs I can fit them in with room to spare, so it’s perfect.


With its rating of IP67 the Peli 1030 Micro Case is waterproof under 1 metre of water for up to 30 minutes. Making it perfect for trips to the lake or beach. This would be great for taking to the beach or the pool and keeping your contents safe. Due to Peli’s own rating I would avoid taking it directly in the water for too long, but leave it on the beach or next to the sunbed and you’ll be more than protected against any accidental submersions.

Peli’s Lifetime Gaurantee

Peli has a lifetime guarantee on all their products, including this one. The guarantee covers for life against defects in workmanship. Guarantees like this always show their confidence in their products and their ruggedness.

1040 Micro Case: Final Thoughts

Ultimately with any travel product, its usage is going to come down to your needs. The Peli 1040 Micro Case is great for protecting valuables or tech, but may be overkill for the everyday traveller. If you are heading to somewhere with rough weather and will be spending a lot of time out in the elements, then it’s worth the investment. If you are just going on a city break then it may be a bit much. For photographers or content creators I would always encourage a little extra protection for your photos and videos. 

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