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Welcome to the Brad’s Backpack travel guides! My name is Brad, and I have been enjoying solo travel since my first trip to Peru back in 2016. Since then I have been from Australia to Romania and back again with no plans of stopping.

For me travel should be without limits, and that’s the type of guides we aim to offer. You will find experiences for all budgets, from hidden and free gems, to once in a lifetime luxury. In each country we will learn about new cultures, expanding both our minds and pallets.

This page is your passport to the world, so join me and I will explore across the world. From the very best mother nature has to offer, as well as tasting a sample of culinary delights from the world’s best chefs. I will be writing about destinations, hotels, tips and experiences.

Brad at the Balloon Museuum in London

Below you can find every country I have visited so far. From Iceland, the land of ice and fire, all the way to Australia with its stunning beaches and amazing wildlife As I explore the world this page will continue to grow. New countries and cities are being added, as well as new experiences and tips. Each country will be broken down into cities or areas, showing what is local. If you need any advice or help planning, feel free to reach out here. Alternatively if you are a destination and want me to write about your experience and how I found it, you can reach out here.

Asia Travel Guides

Welcome to the vibrant tapestry of Asia – a continent pulsating with diversity, history, and natural splendours. This travel guide is your ticket to an enchanting odyssey, where ancient traditions seamlessly blend with modern marvels. Never have I been to a place that is so vibrantly filled with colour. From the streets to the food, Join me on a journey through the heart of Asia. Each activity unfolds a new chapter in a captivating story of cultures, landscapes, and timeless beauty.

Link to the Indonesia Travel Guide
Link to the Singapore Travel Guide

European Travel Guides

Europe has so much to explore, it’s a wonder if you can ever get bored of visiting. There is a destination to suit everybody, from budget breaks to ultra-luxury retreats. You can spend one day exploring the Swiss mountains and the next tasting authentic Italian pizzas. Travelling across this great continent has never been easier, with a choice of trains, planes or an epic European road trip with a rental car. 

Denmark Copenhagen Travel Guide Europe
Link to the Iceland Travel Guide
Link to Italy
Link to Portugal Travel Guide
Link to Romania

Oceania Travel Guides

My first solo trip was to Australia, and that inspired me to write and explore more. Australia was the furthest I have been from home but I couldn’t have felt closer to it. With beautiful beaches and authentic aussie BBQ’s, I cannot wait to return. But it will have to wait, as Oceania has so much more to offer. With its neighbour New Zealand having so much to offer, as well as other islands Fiji and Papua New Guinea, I cannot wait to see what comes next. 

Link to Australia Travel Guide

Tour Booking

Throughout my guides across the world you will find links to book activities with Get Your Guide. By booking through the link you wont be charged any extra but I may receive a commission which helps support the blog.