Two monkeys preening in Ubud Sanctuary Bali
Bali Indonesia Travel Guide Ubud

Monkey Forest: Exploring Ubud’s Sanctuary

I arrived at the Monkey Forest in Ubud after a lot of talk about how it was an essential to visit. I had been travelling with family and we all had agreed to meet at 4:30 outside the entrance so we could explore together. A group of us had spent the morning exploring Ubud by […]

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Curtain Fig Tree in the Tablelands, Queensland, Australia
Australia Tablelands Travel Guide

Curtain Fig Tree: Towering over the Tablelands

Quick Facts Part of our trip across the tablelands involved us stopping to see the Curtain Fig National Park. This national park is a forest filled with Strangler Fig Trees. The largest of which is nicknamed the Curtain Fig Tree due to its abnormal growth. You will find strangler fig trees a common sight across […]

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Exploring Rome's Colosseum exterior at night in Italy, Rome
Italy Rome Travel Guide

The Colosseum and Roman Forum

Quick Facts The Colosseum When I came to Rome, I knew what the first thing I would visit would be. For as long as I could remember I had been fascinated with the Colosseum. Ever since reading Terry Deary’s “Rotten Romans” book from the Horrible Histories book series. I had read that book cover to […]

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