Santa Justa Elevator in Portugal Lisbon
Lisbon Portugal Travel Guide

Santa Justa Lift: Exploring Lisbon from above

It was my final morning in Lisbon, and my plane was due to fly home that evening, so I wanted to visit a few highlights before leaving. We had made our plans the night before over a few cocktails in a nearby bar. First thing we would head straight to the Santa Justa lift, before […]

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Temple bar in Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Dublin Republic of Ireland Travel Guide

Temple Bar Unveiled: An Insider’s Guide to Dublin’s Iconic Neighborhood

Every city has an area renowned for its bars and nightlife, and Dublin is no exception. In a city known for pubs overflowing with guinness and talented musicians the Temple Bar District stands above the crowd. With the area attracting tourists from all over the world, it was only natural for me to visit myself. […]

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Wild Icelandic Horses on a post for a travel blog regarding Icelands tourist tax
Iceland Travel Guide Travel News

Iceland’s Tourist Tax: What You Need to Know

In its continuing efforts to sustain its pristine landscapes and unique heritage, Iceland has recently made the move to implement a tourist tax. This has come as a response to the increasing influx of visitors attempting to visit the country. The sheer number of visitors is putting pressure on the natural wonders, so the tax […]

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Tirta Empul Temple in Bali, Indonesia on a post about temple etiquette
Bali Indonesia Travel Guide Travel Tips

Balinese temple etiquette: Everything you need to know

Bali is known for its temples, but did you know there are in fact over 10,000 of them on the island? Many of them welcome tourists, with some being free and others charging an entrance fee. All of them deserve your respect, and with instances of bad tourists showing disrespect on the rise it’s important […]

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Sydney Australia Harbour Bridge Climb photo on Brads Backpack Travel Blog
Australia Sydney Travel Guide

Sydney Harbour Bridge: Climbing to the best views

Sydney is one of the few places that offers you the ability to actually climb up an icon known across the world. The experience has been voted their number one attraction and it isn’t hard to see why. Sometimes when booking an experience the time of day can make or break your enjoyment. With the […]

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