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Little Mermaid Statue Copenhagen City Break Travel Guide self-guided walking tour
Copenhagen Denmark Travel Guide Travel Tips

Exploring Copenhagen with a Self-Guided Walking Tour

As a seasoned traveller, I’ve tried my fair share of walking tours but not without issue. Often I can’t always hear the guides, I miss important information; or I don’t have enough time to take the photos and videos I want before being frogmarched on to the next stop. So when Around Tours approached me […]

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Backpacker in a canyon for a post on the solo travellers surcharge
Travel Tips

Solo Traveller Surcharge: the Extra Costs of Going Alone

Solo travel can be a liberating and transformative experience, offering unparalleled opportunities for self-discovery and adventure. However, there’s a side to solo travel that often goes unnoticed or unspoken: the solo traveller surcharge. Whether it’s higher accommodation costs, the challenges of dining alone, or the dreaded single supplement on tours, going solo can sometimes mean […]

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Singapore Skyline photo for brads backpack travel blog. Post is on what you need to know before you go to Singapore
Know before you go Singapore Travel Guide Travel Tips

Singapore City: Know before you go

Singapore is a densely packed city with so much to offer. You can find one of Asia’s most popular destinations just off the Southern Coast of Malaysia. Many tourists stop off here on the way to Indonesia, having a little city break before relaxing by the beach. With so much to offer to make the […]

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Sydney Opera House from the Royal Botanical Gardens
Australia Sydney Travel Guide

Sydney Opera House: An Icon of Australia

When anyone thinks of Australia, the first thought that comes to mind is that iconic image of the Opera House by the harbour. The Sydney Opera House is an essential stop for every type of traveller, whether that’s the cheap and cheerful backpacker or the luxury money’s no object tourist. Everyone enjoys the view in […]

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