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Skogafoss waterfall Golden Circle Travel Guide
Iceland The Golden Circle Travel Guide

Skogafoss in Focus: Chasing Falls in Iceland

We arrived at Skogafoss in our tour bus from Seljalandsfoss and Gljufrabuifoss. We had enjoyed great weather so far, but by the time we arrived the winds were starting to pick up. Nestled in the heart of Iceland’s awe-inspiring landscapes, Skogafoss stands as a testament to the country’s natural beauty. As I embarked on my […]

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K'Gari formally known as Fraser Island for travel blog Brads Backpack
Australia Kgari

K’Gari, formally Fraser Island, officially renamed by Australian Government.

K’Gari is the original placename for the largest sand island in the world. After Captain James Fraser and his wife Eliza were shipwrecked on the island in the 1830s, it was renamed Fraser Island. Historians suggest that following Ms. Fraser’s rescue, she shared false accounts and stories about the Butchulla people. This resulted in the […]

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Split Point Lighthouse on the Great Ocean Road Australia for Travel Blog Brads Backpack
Australia Melbourne Travel Guide

Split Point Lighthouse: A man walks into a pub

You are sure to come across the Split Point Lighthouse when you explore the Great Ocean Road, and you might take a photo and drive on. But this lighthouse has an incredible story of one man and his beer. I didn’t explore this lighthouse myself as my tour didn’t stop there. But our tour guide […]

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Mount Alexandra in the Daintree Rainforest, Queensland Australia
Australia Daintree Tablelands Travel Guide

Mount Alexandra Lookout: The view that frames the ocean

When you travel across Australia, there will be no doubt you’ll come across many beautiful sites and beaches. If you are road-tripping around it can be easy to simply pass some by and never know they existed. So if you’re driving through from Cairns to the Daintree, I urge you to stop and stretch your […]

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Millaa Millaa Falls in the Tablelands Queensland Australia
Australia Tablelands Travel Guide

Millaa Millaa Falls: Waterfalls in the heart of the rainforest

I did not know much about Millaa Millaa falls before my trip to Australia, in fact, I’d never heard of it at all. But near the end of my tour, I was asked to extend it for an extra few days and visit the waterfall circuit. Since I’d had an incredible time so far, I […]

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Night kayak on Lake Tinaroo
Australia Tablelands Travel Guide

Lake Tinaroo: Canoeing amongst Nature at Night

When I was travelling through Queensland I was told our upcoming hostel, On the Wallaby in the town of Yungaburra, offered a Night Wildlife Canoeing tour. Having done a bit of canoeing in the past I was keen to try it again. And to do so at night across Lake Tinaroo, surrounded by wildlife, is […]

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Lake Eacham water entrance in the Tablelands, Queensland Australia
Australia Tablelands Travel Guide

Lake Eacham: The Oasis of the Tablelands

If you’re looking for the perfect picnic spot, you’ve found it. I found Lake Eacham to be surrounded by lush rainforests and filled with crystal blue water perfect for swimming in. My tour guide brought us here, and I never expect to find a lake so stunning. I came here straight from visiting the Curtain […]

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Josephine Falls in the Tablelands Queensland Australia
Australia Cairns Tablelands Travel Guide

Josephine Falls: An Escape into Nature

When my tour guide Noddy told us she was taking us to Josephine Falls, she described it in two words, Natural Waterslides. This prompted more questions from us, but Noddy kept schtum. By the time we arrived the excitement had built up in the coach. But when the doors opened in a car park and […]

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