Northern Lights

K&F Lightweight Carbon Fibre Travel Tripod Review
K&F Travel Gear Reviews

K&F Concept Carbon Fibre Lightweight Tripod

K&F Concept Carbon Fibre Lightweight Tripod: Our Verdict K&F Concept Carbon Fibre Lightweight Tripod Star Rating Pros Cons Technical Details Main Materials Carbon Fibre Max Load Weight 8kg Weight 1.1kg Max Height 1.62m Length (Folded) 41.5cm Where to buy a K&F Concept Carbon Fibre Lightweight Tripod The link below will take you to Amazon if […]

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Northern Lights Green
Iceland Know before you go Travel Guide Travel Tips

The Northern Lights: Know before you go

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon that can be found on nearly every traveller’s bucket list. Thousands of tourists flock to Reykjavik each year hoping to grab a glimpse of this sight. But not everyone is so lucky. Solar storms on the sun are sending electrically charged particles towards the earth, most of these […]

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Perlan Museum in Reykjavik Iceland
Iceland Reykjavik

Perlan Museum: A journey through Icelandic Nature

I came to the Perlan Museum as part of a tour with G Adventures. We had originally planned to visit the Lava Caves but the weather had other plans for us,  and with the roads out of Reykjavik blocked by snow our tour guide Francious thought of his feet and took us here instead, and […]

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