Torvehallerne Food Market Pattisserie Desserts Ham and Cheese Roll Sandwich Denmark Copenhagen
Copenhagen Denmark Travel Guide

Torvehallerne: A Food Lovers Haven in Copenhagen

I’m terrible at finding restaurants when solo travelling, that’s just a fact. I love good food, but I have a habit of planning what I’ll be doing, and unmissable activities, that I forget to plan time to eat. So I often end up going to whatever is nearby and convenient at the time. I knew […]

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TimeOut Lisboa Sign
Lisbon Portugal Travel Guide

Time Out Lisboa: A Traveler’s Food Adventure

I love heading to new restaurants when I travel. Although in all fairness what travel lover doesn’t? Whether it’s a new dish, or a classic favourite done to perfection. Good food always makes a holiday highlight. Since a few people I was travelling with were fussy eaters, I managed to use this as the perfect […]

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travel blog about st stephens green
Dublin Republic of Ireland Travel Guide

Your guide to beautiful gardens of St. Stephen’s Green

My arrival at St. Stephen’s Green A park in a city is always a breath of fresh air, trading the claustrophobia of buildings for the smell of fresh cut grass. I visited St. Stephen’s Green as my first tourist attraction in Dublin. With blossoming flowers and fascinating statues it’s easy to see why it was […]

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Australia Sydney Travel Guide

Your guide to the Sydney Tower Eye

Whenever you arrive in a city, it can often be overwhelming and a lot to take in. The skyscrapers towering above can be daunting, especially if up until this point you’ve just been travelling through small towns and country roads. So what better way of getting your bearings with a bird’s eye view, and make […]

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