Retreev Smart Tag Travel Gear Review
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Retreev Smart Tag

Retreev Smart Tag: Our Verdict Retreev Smart Tag Star Rating Pros Cons Technical Details Dimensions 14.3cm x 12.5cm x 1cm Weight 20g Main Materials Stainless Steel, Plastic Where to buy You can also use the below button to purchase your own Retreev Smart Tag from Retreev or Amazon. By purchasing through these links I may […]

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Dubrovnik city photo for Travel Blog Brads Backpack
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Wheeled Suitcases are now banned in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, the charming Croatian city with its historic old town, has implemented a new rule for visitors. So, whether you have already booked your flights or are looking for deals, you need to take note for your mext vacation. Wheeled suitcases are now banned in Dubrovnik. How will the wheeled suitcases ban affect your visit? […]

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OEX Cargo 60L Closed
OEX Travel Gear Reviews

OEX 60L Cargo Bag Review

OEX 60L Cargo Bag Star Rating Pros Cons Dimensions 63 cm x 34 cm x 34 cm Weight 1.35kg Capacity 60L My first impressions of this bag arent overwhelming. I bought it simply because it fitted my needs at the time. I was just about the board a plane to Peru, but realised the bag […]

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