Sky Lagoon Spa in reykjavik
Iceland Reykjavik Travel Guide

Sky Lagoon: Complete relaxation in the outskirts of Reykjavik

Without a doubt you will be asked two questions when you return from Iceland. “Did you see the Northern Lights?” And “Did you go to the Blue Lagoon?”. Now I was incredibly lucky to see the former, but when the weather turned against me and cancelled my trip to the Blue Lagoon, I was left […]

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the Secret Lagoon, oldest swimming pool in the Golden Circle, Iceland
Iceland The Golden Circle Travel Guide

The Secret Lagoon, the Golden Circles bucket list spa

Before I came to the Secret Lagoon, I had never even been to a lagoon before. I was incredibly excited to see one on my itinerary sheet for the Golden Circle tour. For the best experience I decided I would do no googling in advance to see what to expect. I wanted to go in […]

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