Australia Sydney Travel Guide

Your guide to the Sydney Tower Eye

Whenever you arrive in a city, it can often be overwhelming and a lot to take in. The skyscrapers towering above can be daunting, especially if up until this point you’ve just been travelling through small towns and country roads. So what better way of getting your bearings with a bird’s eye view, and make […]

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Night kayak on Lake Tinaroo
Australia Tablelands Travel Guide

Lake Tinaroo: Canoeing amongst Nature at Night

When I was travelling through Queensland I was told our upcoming hostel, On the Wallaby in the town of Yungaburra, offered a Night Wildlife Canoeing tour. Having done a bit of canoeing in the past I was keen to try it again. And to do so at night across Lake Tinaroo, surrounded by wildlife, is […]

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Sky Lagoon Spa in reykjavik
Iceland Reykjavik Travel Guide

Sky Lagoon: Complete relaxation in the outskirts of Reykjavik

Without a doubt you will be asked two questions when you return from Iceland. “Did you see the Northern Lights?” And “Did you go to the Blue Lagoon?”. Now I was incredibly lucky to see the former, but when the weather turned against me and cancelled my trip to the Blue Lagoon, I was left […]

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