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Having a cable and card reader built-in has been really handy on a number of shoots. Most recently I was at the Barbican Conservatory taking photos. I stopped for a break halfway through and was able to immediately transfer the photos to my phone and check them out. It has also come in really handy during studio days. At one point I thought my SD card was corrupted, so I switched to another one and used the Createmate to check my photos were ok and start backing them up. The screen on my Sony A6000 isn't the best for checking my photos, so it is really handy being able to quickly view them in detail. It’s also really quick too, boasting speeds of 312MB/s. An issue I have had with other USB readers is my tablet failing to register when it's plugged in, but so far it has picked up the PGYTech Createmate everytime without fail.
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Createmate Review

Createmate: Our Verdict Createmate Star Rating Pros Cons Technical Details Main Materials Aluminum-alloy, ABS, Silica gel Dimensions 115 x 60 x 25mm Weight 157g Data Transfer Speeds 312MB/s Available colours Moss Green / Black Where to buy The link below will take you to Amazon where you can purchase your own Createmate and other great […]

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