Heathrow Airport for stress free travel tips
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Airport Tips for Stress Free Travel

We all love to travel, I mean that’s why we are here right? But we will both admit the worst part of any trip is the Airport. But fear not, fellow jet-setters! At Brad’s Backpack we have your back! And here is our guide for stress-free airport navigation that’ll have you breezing through terminals like […]

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Passport Visa for Australia advice post on Brads Backpack Travel Blog
Europe Travel Tips

ETIAS: A Guide for UK Citizens

For UK citizens, the world has been at our fingertips thanks to the ease of European travel. With airports like Heathrow acting as a hub for further destinations, as well as smaller city airports making shorter European breaks a breeze. However, the introduction of the ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) for UK citizens […]

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Packed Bag
Travel Tips

Quick tips for travelling light

Despite travelling becoming quicker and more convenient, it’s just as easy as ever to bring everything except the kitchen sink. Holidays are a time for relaxing but we seem to be at our most stressed when packing and getting ready for the airport. It’s unlikely you are going to need everything, and in this day […]

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OEX Cargo 60L Closed
OEX Travel Gear Reviews

OEX 60L Cargo Bag Review

OEX 60L Cargo Bag Star Rating Pros Cons Dimensions 63 cm x 34 cm x 34 cm Weight 1.35kg Capacity 60L My first impressions of this bag arent overwhelming. I bought it simply because it fitted my needs at the time. I was just about the board a plane to Peru, but realised the bag […]

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